Who else had to sit though last weeks WT study, 6th Jan 2019 - "Buy Truth and Never Sell It"

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  • sparky1

    And my name could be Sparky.......'cept it ain't!

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    The one I wondered about was "One day while walking drunk along the road, Jasmine met two Witness missionaries. The missionaries arranged for a Bible study."

    Presumably the missionaries weren't getting much success in their ministry that when they spot a violent aggressive drunk - they offer a Bible Study. Would you, really?

    Then the fact that when they call the couple are still drunk, so they arrange to come back again. Obviously they have no other people to call on, because if they had they'd prioritise and the drunks would not be top of their list. Personally I think it is another made up story.

  • steve2

    What organization could have been more effective than any other in teaching God’s name is much more accurately pronounced “Yahweh” than “Jehovah”? JW organization!

    But no, stubbornly and cynically from the inception of the organisational name “Jehovah’s Witnesses” in 1931, the organization has published and lamely defended a name even it acknowledges is an incorrect invention of a Catholic monk.

    Meanwhile, if the goal of making God’s literal name known is truly as vital as JW organization argues it is, why hasn’t His sole channel of communication on earth refused to carry out that goal?

  • hoser

    I didn’t go because I was at the dentist. Way less painful

  • Finkelstein

    The main problem for the JWS is they never had a truthful gospel to preach, they had a false pretentious one made up by the Watchtower publishing house.

  • smiddy3

    Jehovah`s Witnesses have knowingly and willingly promoted a false name of GOD ,namely JEHOVAH that they know was invented by a Spanish Catholic Monk in the 13th Century.

    Especially so since they adopted the name Jehovah`s Witnesses in the 1930`s.and given prominence to that name contrary to the Christian Greek Scriptures ,the New Testament which clearly states that Christians are to be witnesses of Jesus ,NOT Jehovah .

    According to their first edition "Aid" book because it was the most common name used in Christendom .

  • stumbledbyothers

    If you are the spokesman for the Creator of the universe and all that entails, and represents the head of the Christian Congregation Jesus, since their intelligence is higher than ours - that you would get the Creators name right despite "worldly" information!

    Would think the Creator would reveal his true name pronunciation to those speaking for him- he did that for Moses.

    Would think the head of the Congregation Jesus would clear that up when he choose them in 1919, "by the way my dads name is pronounced......"

    It really is "DUH-Trooff"

  • stillin

    I would have thought that the God of the entire universe would have a name that would be pronounced the same in all languages. I don't even recognize it in some languages.

    If using the name is the first step to a "personal relationship" let's get it right. Wouldn't you be offended if somebody didn't even try to say your name correctly?

  • nowwhat?

    Christmas= Dec 25, made up date but universally recognized as the date to honor Christ's birth. Not acceptable for true christians.

    Jehovah= made up name for God but universally accepted for true christians

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    "Never sell the truth.....always ask for a contribution. That way there's no sales tax"

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