one picture too far ( fetched)

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  • waton
    He should be CONCENTRATING on his driving and the road ahead.

    P: yes, and panning his vision from rearview mirror to the side roads. Certainly glad he does not read his lyrics from his mobile phone.

    Actually - these sort of pictures usually elicit a wry smile from most JWs.

    D: at least at the hall, where nobody can see them LOL. This is no laughing matter though. This is how the Governing Body and their ueber elders expect their members to be deeply involved , and self controlling themselves in wt think. Now even when singing good jws can think: "hurray, I am preparing for persecution!" and of course the angels are watching too,

    thank you.

  • fulano

    I thought of Married with children when I saw the picture.

  • punkofnice
    punkofnice make gods of wood and stone......


    Image result for cartoon car crash

    'Ello, 'Ello, 'Ello!

    A car crash?

    Are there any witnesses?

    Image result for cartoon police

  • waton
    Are there any witnesses?,

    Jehova's wirnesses? PON: good one!

    instant karma to the tune of : "with the song in my heart" by Rogers and Hammerstein, , musical" spring is here".

    JWs, between a rock and a hard hammer. .persecution preppers

  • tiki

    There is such a serious gulf between this cult purported "lifestyle"and reality. Seriously have they no grasp on the lives people really live??


  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    You gotta have something to do whilst driving to the far away reassigned hall because yours was sold

    Right about them having no clue; they are not picked up at the airport by the guy with the old ute that needs jumped because the battery is shot

  • blondie

    After 45 years as a jw in several congregations throughout the US and Europe, I never saw any jws sing as they traveled in the car. Most jws are very poor singers due to lack of real effort, just singing at meetings.

    I think most of the jws I knew that are still alive, are chuckling inward when they saw that picture.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Maybe someone can rewrite 99 bottles of beer into a kingdom song

    Or the " same song first verse"

  • waton

    I have a few catchy tunes I like to hum, not may k melodies, I like to pan the panorama of the view, the countryside.

    Insane to have your pleasure of moving, be it walking, driving, biking, surfing, snow boarding , piloting/ flying, skate boarding-- contaminated with wt thought control.

  • Listener

    What a loving suggestion from the Governing Body now that travel time to their Kingdom Halls has greatly increased.

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