one picture too far ( fetched)

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  • waton

    July 2019 wt mag. Study article 27, to Sept 8 (last weak) sic intended. page 5.

    Family singing kingdom songs in car. Songbook in their faces, except for dad driving. If somebody could post it for us please.

    To prepare for persecution, take the time where the family is together, concentrate on the task at hand. safe driving, all eyes on the lookout,no, --- practise wt songs. text in hand. really really sad.

    A hum of a catchy tune, yes, this, wt destroys family's (lives)

  • waton

    surprised not only what they are driving but how wt. inc teaches them how they should.

  • ScenicViewer
  • waton

    scenic viewer, thank you for this non-scenic viewing. jws preparing for persecution.

  • Gorbatchov

    Pictures in WT could be part of Arlington Road movie.


  • punkofnice
  • smiddy3

    I wonder what their expressions would look like in 40 years time when nothing much at all has changed .

    Except that they have all got 40 years older , the kids probably married and divorced left the troof and maybe one of them has made a success of there life.

    The adults in their late 60`s-mid 70`s wondering why Armageddon still hasn`t come as they battle sickness and afflictions that old age rewards us with.

  • The Fall Guy
  • Prefect

    He should be CONCENTRATING on his driving and the road ahead.

  • dozy

    I didn't know Ross from "Friends" was a JW... :-)

    Actually - these sort of pictures usually elicit a wry smile from most JWs. Apart from a few totally lobotomised uber JWs I don't think many would be having a "Kingdom Melodies" sing song in the car.

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