Talk to my Dad about beards.

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  • jp1692
    If these people would just listen to themselves

    That's the problem right there, they don't.

    As for stumbling others, ask anyone that claims to be stumbled or that someone else is to read Psalm 119:165.

    And then ask, "So who exactly is the spiritually weak one?"

  • Spoletta

    As I note the number of balding JW men who are shaving their heads, I notice that no one talks about their resemblance to many White Supremacists when they are not in their suits. So why the stigma about a beard stumbling someone?

    I'd be inclined to be more suspect of a shaved headed man in tee shirt and jeans, than one with a neat beard.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    For the borg, shaving is a great control mechanism (at least for men in the cong).

    You can even tell how long it's been since someone's gone to a meeting/in service just by their stubble!

  • Londo111

    Agree with jp1692.

    How flimsy a faith if it can be overturned by someone's facial hair?

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Which he says "It reflects your spirituality" "If another wittness saw you, they would know you are weak"...

    So wouldn't it be deceptive for a man to shave his beard simply to hide his supposed spiritual weakness?

    " Then he said in his hall" If a brother came in with a beard , he would not have privileges" If someone is spiritually weak, wouldn't it be better to embrace them and make them feel part of the congregation rather than further alienate them by leaving them out of the congregation activities?

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    The Rebel » As he is on the hunt for an "awesome" woman, do you think I should respectfully tell him :-
    a) Get a better quality wig.
    b) Give up on the wig, and grow a beard.
    c) Just be himself.

    Give up the wig and be himself. When we see guys with toupees in a restaurant, my wife always says, quite innocently, "Is that a toupee?"

    "I don't know," I reply. "Who cares...and stop staring!"

    "I think it's a toupee. Look at his hairline. You can tell it's not real."

    "Well, go ask him if it's so important to you."

    "No, but would you at least look?"

    "No. You want me to ask him?" and I begin to stand up.

    "No! No, sit down!"

    "Then stop looking. I'm not dressed for a fight, and they never punch a woman when they're rude. They always punch the guy! And if he comes over and starts pounding you, I'm probably going to join him."

    So it's probably better not to wear one unless you pay a couple of grand for it. I think Jehovah would have a tougher time with toupees than beards. And I'm amazed at the number of faith healers with them. You'd think they wouldn't need them.

    Ask your friend how he'd like someone at a bar or restaurant carrying on about whether he wore a toupee or not.

  • jp1692

    Londo: How flimsy a faith if it can be overturned by someone's facial hair?

    pff ...

    BTW, do you like MY beard?

    The Crucible

  • TD
    TD says in countries where it is accepted

    I think he meant, " countries were it is accepted among JW's" which is a horse of a different color altogether.

    It's funny how JW's everywhere seem to think that their local standards of dress and grooming are the ones supported by the Bible and endorsed by God.

    I guess it's probably the same with most religions though.

  • SAHS

    Well, of course we have our fine Mr. Joseph Franklin Rutherford to thank for that grooming snobbery. Apparently (evidently) he absolutely couldn’t stand any remnants or semblances of his predecessor, Charles Taze Russell. (Oddly enough, at one time Russell himself had been considered to be the “faithful and wise servant.” My how things change!)

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