Jehovah's witnesses are the fastest growing religion.

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  • sir82

    Mormons habitually exaggerate their membership. This is well documented. For example in 2000 they claimed 846,000 members in Brazil yet the census found only 205,000.

    Well the JWs copied the Mormons in instituting their "Family Worship Night", they copied them by having a choir (albeit smaller, so far), maybe the next step is to copy their counting methods.

  • slimboyfat
    Maybe, and if so census returns in various countries will catch them out!
  • sparky1

    "Adventists are growing faster than them now."

    2011 Average Jehovah's Witnesses publishers: 7,395,672

    2014 Average Jehovah's Witnesses publishers: 7,867,958

    Net Difference: 472,286= 6.01% growth

    2011 7th Day Adventist membership: 17,479,890

    2014 7th Day Adventist membership: 18,479,257

    Net Difference: 999,367= 5.41% growth

  • Dunedain

    One thing, i can say for sure, is that the JW's have been saying they have around 8 million members, since i was a little kid. Thats been over 30 years now. It seems like they are having almost NO growth. There is NO way, they are the "fastest growing religion", and the facts prove it. In all the 50 states of America, where the highest percentage of JW's are, JW's NEVER represent more than 2 or 3 %, of a whole states population. In fact in over 90% of the states, JW's represent 1% or, less than 1%, of a states population.

    Whats also crazy, is how the numbers for the "anointed" has remained VERY constant, and in some cases GREW. The numbers of the anointed, based on the WTS's own rhetoric, should be decreasing SUBSTANTIALLY, as we move closer and closer towards "armageddon" . Not staying the same, its almost ridiculous, how the R&F dont question that. I call BS, on em.

  • slimboyfat

    According to this survey Mormons see declining in their US heartland while JWs are still growing.

    In fact JWs are the only Christian group found to be growing at all. Puts talk about JW decline into perspective.

  • slimboyfat

    That's interesting sparky, JWs now growing slightly faster than Adventists.

    Mormons lagging far behind both in any case.

  • Bugbear


    30-40 years ago, I remember my aunt spending a lot of US$, to let our death family members be baptized “for the death” (Paul word I believe), This is why the LDS church have the very best ancestors database in the world. Still selling the names of your ancestors so you can get them baptized (for a few hundred dollars) in the temple in Salt Lake City. The question is are all of my aunts baptized death family members counted as Mormons? This could boost up LDS numbers considerably!?


  • slimboyfat

    No they don't count dead people they baptise, they don't go that far.

    But they do assume members live to 110 if they lose touch with them, which means they count large numbers of people who have died still as members.

  • jookbeard
    SBF I wonder if you read the forum topics on here much at all? for a few years now many threads have appeared on 1 day assemblies and the regional convention and they very small amounts of baptisms there are in them, some even report attending assemblies where there are zero baptisms, pretty much for Europe and the USA, here in London there have been merging and complete liquidation of jw congregations, is that a true piece of data that shows they are a "fast growing" cult? the girl next door commented that in her area of LA the car parks of tabernacles are full to capacity same here with the 2 close to me, that is hard evidence, not some cooked up dodgy survey, we are very qualified in what we are looking out for, I said earlier that the Mormons continually call around here in their D2D work and have a presence in the local town centres, I see them weekly, where I never see the jw's on D2D work ever around here,never at all, and on a few days a week you might see them lazily sitting around their stupid cart, playing with their mobile phones and gossiping, I suppose you just believe what you want to believe.None of these factors show that the CoLDS are in decline in the UK.
  • slimboyfat

    Census figures and pew research are independent of Watchtower or other churches. They show Mormon numbers are bogus and that the church is probably in decline. You're just showering me with anecdotes. I've got those too. Only 40 people attend our local Mormon church on a Sunday and it covers an area that includes 3 Kingdom Halls with a combined attendance of about 150. Talking to Mormon missionaries I think that's pretty representative. Mormons are fewer in number even in the UK (where they are relatively strong) and they are in decline.

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