Control of Microphones?

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  • iwantoutnow

    I was a Mic Attendant back in the late 70s and we had mics on poles back then.

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  • Finkelstein

    First off Peeringin welcome to the forum .

    Its nothing really important concerning mike holding.

    Its varies from congregation to congregation.

    Wireless makes sense in a kingdom hall full of chairs and aisles and it actually makes sense that someone holds the mike while someone comments if its possible.

    Holding mikes during meetings is considered " A Privilege " a step up of responsibility for men, not woman mind they aren't allowed to do that considering their positional role they are forced into.

    Now how about the doctrines the WTS brainwashes people with exploiting their ignorance of what the bible really says ?

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Hi Peerin,

    I am sorry my comment seemed a bit derogatory, I really didn't mean to cause any hurt. I just thought you were making a bit of a leap in thinking this through. I really wouldn't give them credit in conjuring up that degree of cunning.

    I would like to join those who have welcomed you to the site, it has helped many including me. So please accept my apologies,


  • Peeringin

    Thank you all for your comments and warm welcome. I look forward to continuing to learn and understand the position many of you have been in in the past, or indeed continue to be.

    Thank you Slidin for your kind words, please be reassured that no offence was taken and apology is wholly accepted.

    The reasoning was partly based on ignorance and I’m sure personal bias. I have no history of religion growing up, and the limited experience i had of the mics was individuals being able to hold them independently. In this meeting it struck me as odd, as though they could regain control of the mic instantly if required.

    I must admit that the link with KH crashes was one I made through perhaps watching one too many YouTube videos, coupled with my perception that JWs have a large element of control over their congregation (a point that I’m sure many will agree is in fact the case).

    My fertile imagination seemed to have gotten the better of me on this occasion!

    I look forward to continue to interact with you, and offer any insight as an outsider Peering In that I can.

    I do have another question but I will start a new topic to keep this thread concise.

    Many Thanks

  • Daniel1555


    That's normal. They do that for decades.

  • truth_b_known

    Growing up as a Witness my father gave Sunday Public Talks all over the place. It was common to visit a different congregation/Kingdom Hall at least once a month. Back in the 80s I remember visiting one congregation that had wireless mics on booms as you described. I also remember the sound was awful as a result and the wireless system occasionally picked up radio signals from some other devices.

  • waton
    • the wireless system occasionally picked up radio signals from some other devices.tbk

      Now, there is an idea. how difficult is it to hack into the system, and fill in the "down" time, when the mIke handler is on his way to the designated respondent -- to fill in with the real Truth about the Truth answer, for all to hear?

  • LV101

    Welcome Peeringin -- appreciate the info as many others do, also. I've been long gone for decades and JWism was the most miserable experience of my life the few years I attended/associated. Seriously doubt the WT is concerned about germs so must be a convenience factor now that they've gone all 'tech-y'. With their aging members one would think cords would be a lawsuit waiting to happen altho most JWs I knew here look for insurance cos to sue.

  • Incognito

    Welcome to the forum Peeringin,

    Having each mic on a pole and passed by a mic handler will often result in a quicker response compared to waiting for each person to pass-along the mic to a person sitting mid-row. I expect there will also be less handling noise and the risk of dropping and damaging a mic will be reduced.

    As far as a control regarding someone offering an unwelcomed comment, each microphone is controllable at the public address system soundboard so it's a simple matter to remotely shut-off that mic's input.

  • Prester John
    Prester John

    I remember being at a Pioneer meeting the day before a circuit assembly, around 1997. The KH had cordless microphones, and during a dramatic pause in one of the speakers talks, 'Baby Love' by The Supremes came wafting over the sound system.

    Best part of the program!

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