Control of Microphones?

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  • Peeringin

    Hello all, first post so a whistle stop of who I am first!

    ’unbelieving husband’ here married to PIMI wife living in UK. (Think that will do for now)

    Anyway on with the post...

    I attend the KH this weekend with PIMI wife, I’ve been a handful of times before. (Don’t worry, far from being converted trust me!)

    The watchtower question and answer session took place where individuals raise hands and speak into the microphone with their comment.

    In the past the microphones had been on long leads and were passed down the row to the individual speaking then handed back to the MS/Elder.

    This weekend however I noticed they have bought wireless microphones, but oddly, they were attracted to a telescopic arm. This meant that when an individual wanted to comment, the microphone was floated in front of them by an MS by extending the arm down the row. The commenter did not touch the mic.

    My question(s)- is this a response to KH crashes?

    Does this happen in other congregations where people are not allowed to even hold the microphone anymore?

    The reasoning my wife gave was they’ve introduced it for ‘hygiene reasons’. However this baffled me as people are still breathing into the microphone for it to be passed on?

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Now you are being a bit daft. I don't think KH crashes have altered anything to that extent.

    This will be the result of some tech nerd getting over-enthusiastic whilst studying magazines and websites to find the ultimate equipment for his (definitely not her) hall. Just a saddo.

  • Peeringin

    First post and first personal derogatory comment. What a momentous day!

    Thanks for your response sliding. It just struck me as odd. wireless fancy mics are one thing, the boom arms just struck me as bizarre.

    Many Thanks

  • blondie

    I think it is just faster than trying to pass a hand-held mike down to the jw in the middle of the row, perhaps. Or it not being advisable to have a very young child (even 6 years old) pass the mike along, perhaps.

    The WTS went to wireless because so many mike handlers and people walking down the aisle during the meeting, were stepping on the cord and either ruining the cord, or tripping over it making it a safety hazard (legal reasons again).

    I'm sure it arises out of some real-life event in some congregation along the way.

    Up till now, female jws have been forbidden from being mike handlers, but with so few spiritually qualified jw men, congregations have been reduced to having the elders do it or qualified sisters. I have seen women as microphone handlers in small or rural congregations and seen others post on JWN that it is true in their congregation.

  • sir82

    Some Kingdom Halls use the long sticks, others don't. It's up to each congregation what they want to do.

  • smiddy3

    Peeringin , Welcome to this site .and i hope you will stay and stick around it truly is very informative and for the most part encouraging site and is a support group for the many people that come here .

    And seeing that I have been away from any meetings for over 25 years i can`t add to your post.


  • waton

    Passing the mike along a long row is good practise for the memorial, where that for the plate and glass is standard practise. Possibly the bread and wine could be put one a long stick too.

    Some like the mikes so much they would no doubt like to kiss them. Imagine giving any and all a pisce of your mind, surreptitiously, without hem being able to do anything about it.

    Kissing the mike would make it unhygienic.

    The microcosmos of the wt, all that amplified sound, and not a free, sound, logical expression made.

    Welcome P.

  • blondie

    Peeringin (I thought it was Peregrine at first)

    My belated welcome. It helps to get viewpoints from the inside from never been jws, married to jws. If you have been associated for most of your childhood and adult life, you see it from the inside not the outside. It is helpful to see if from the outside.


  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Welcome to the board Peeringin. Mics on a stick started back in the 70's. The cords were pain in the ass. They keep getting tangled. It was great to go wireless in the 90's but for awhile we would get police and fire department singnals coming in from time to time. So nothing new under the sun in jw world. Takr cars. Still Totally ADD

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    Hello Peeringin..welcome to the site. Im also in the UK..but have been out of that crazy cult for 40 years.

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