Automatic Love

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  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    My dearest Claude, With tears in my eyes, reading your 3rd paragraph and the newspaper article, it is too sad. Too horrible. I am so, so sorry for your loss.

    Would you mind starting a new post, with a different heading, saying you have lost your most beloved son due to a tragic accident?

    You are in Switzerland, I am in North America. I do not quite understand the heading of automatic love. Do you mean if you are an active JDub you will get phony love and sympathy from the KHall people but if you do not go, then these JDub zombies (automations) will shun and turn their backs on you, as though you and your precious son never existed? Remember JDubs are WT zombies with, for the most part no feelings. They are trained (every week through meetings and literature to think and act a certain WT way) by brainwashing. They do not think for themselves. They are controlled by those 7 little men behind the curtain in New York. If this is what you mean by automatic love, and that the JW's in your area who know you and your son, act like nothing has happened because he did not go to their KHall? Where if they were normal human beings, they would mourn the loss with you, making meals, sending flowers to cheer you, hugging you and crying with you and making sure you were all right?

    On your 2nd paragraph, I listened for a few minutes to this beautiful music and thought I would like to have a garden party and have Arabian Nights as the theme with this music.

    Then I came to your 3rd paragraph and all the sadness of what just happened, came pouring out. I read the newspaper article. The man who killed your son, did a 'hit and run' and no one knows who he was. There is no one to pin his death on. No one to point a finger at and yell "You killed my son!!!" It is devastating. Just devastating.

    It is such an unimagiative loss. A young man off on holiday, riding his bicycle, feeling happy and content. Then a bus driver makes the fateful decision to drive around him to get ahead. For what? If this bus driver is normal, his conscience will bother him for the rest of his life. What he has shown is that he is a coward for not coming forward and owning up for what he has done and at the least apolizying. He has caused enormous pain and death to another human being. Hopefully, someone will notice the wrecked front of his bus and turn him in.

    Please accept the biggest heartfelt internet hug from me. The time ahead will be painful for you and all that knew your beloved son Jonathan. I can't imagine how horrible this daily nightmare is for you dear Claude. And please keep breathing, and living and please do not do anything foolish.

    I am just so very sorry for your tragic loss. I give you my most heartfelt regards and sympathy for your unimagiative loss.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Claude, I answered your initial post without reading the rest of the posts.

    I am so sorry to hear of your tragic loss, my heart goes out to you.

  • TheFadingAlbatros

    I have been suggested "to start a new post, with a different heading, saying I have lost my most beloved son due to a tragic accident".

    My answer is : no and thank you for your empathy.

    The tragic and real event I have published in my topic "automatic love" was above all to illustrate that there is no real love to expect from JWs.

    My son was riding a motorbike (not a bicyle) in India, were he had the intention to establish himself in a near future. I have been living ten years in India and I am well acquainted with the dangers of Indian roads

    I have been an active JW during 40 years, than an inactive one during three years and two years ago I have decided for reasons of conscience and other personal reasons to disassociate myself officially from the organization of the Jehovah's Witnesses.But I keep my faith in the Almighty God.

    I will tell you more about the real purpose of my topic it in a few days. Now I have to get some rest. Thank you and take care. Claude

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut


    As a father of 2 grown sons I can well imagine the kind of grief you must be feeling over the loss of your son. They are out there living their adult lives but somehow, you still worry about them, just as you did when they were small boys. It must bring you a measure of comfort to hear the genuine expressions of grief and love from his friends and to know that he had others who cared about him and to know this great loss matters deeply, to so many people.

    The kind of love that JW's show can be genuine but it can also be cut off as quickly as it was earned. It's often a very shallow and conditional kind of love and unfortunately we only find this out just when we need it the most. I'm sorry that you too have been disappointed by those who should be there for you during this difficult experience.

    Time will be a friend to you as you come to terms with your great loss and the grief will become more bearable with each passing day. Until then I wish you strength and courage.


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