The WTBTS' Webmaster Caught In Another Lie!

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  • Vidiot
    I sometimes wonder how much harder it would be for the Org to stay in the black if they weren't constantly hounding the R&F for time and money (assuming they still are in the first place :smirk:).

    How Do You Know How Many Are Actively Witnessing?

    Each month, Witnesses report their preaching activity to their local congregation. This report is made voluntarily.

    ........................Voluntarily?...................................................WHERE IS YOUR..

    ...................Ya...Right......Pfffft................................... FIELD SERVICE REPORT??!!..

    ... result for Angry boss

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    I was talking to a friend who is a long time JW sister in her late 60s about the 'Frequently Asked Questions' feature of WT's website and mentioned the 'This report is made voluntarily' comment. To my surprise she said she remembered reading it and how at the time she felt the comment was largely untruthful and deceptive.

    WT boasts that their website gets over 1.6 million hits a day (Nov 15, 2015 Study Mag page 29 par 13). Me thinks that, like my sister friend, there has got to be a large number of these1.6+ million visitors a day who are tired of these untruths and false statements.

  • stuckinarut2

    F.O.G in action




    That is why "voluntary reports" are submitted each month by witnesses.

    Ask did you feel when the hours were very low one month? Hesitant about handing it in? Apprehensive and worried about how it would be perceived?

    Thought so....

  • Daniel1555
    TOMO (Anthony Morris) said these things DD mentioned at the US Branch Visit talk in November 2014. This was his infamous "Tight Pants" talk. You can see it on Youtube and Jwsurvey.
  • Daniel1555

    Of course it's voluntary.

    It felt so good to stop reporting. First the secretary sent me several reminders by email. I didn't react to those.

    After the 3rd month I thanked him for the reminders but answered him, that I didn't "forget" it, so I didn't really need his reminders.

    From then on I wasn't reminded anymore.

    I felt free and each time they reminded the brothers from the platform to hand in the report I was laughing inside.

    So it is voluntary, but they use a lot of psychological pressure to enforce the reporting. I can only recommend to ignore this psychological pressure. Then they are helpless. When you take elders their power over you away, they are helpless like a bug that is on his back.

  • Truthexplorer
    Surely they meant to say 'This report is compulsory'!
  • Tenacious
    Why does WT's website content need to be soo deceitful to the general public?

    That's not the only lie they have posted. Look closely and you'll find several lies and inconsistencies.

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