The WTBTS' Webmaster Caught In Another Lie!

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  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    WT's I. T. personnel have no shame putting this content into their website. In the 'Frequently Asked Questions About Jehovah's Witnesses' section of their website the following appears:

    How Do You Know How Many Are Actively Witnessing?

    Each month, Witnesses report their preaching activity to their local congregation. This report is made voluntarily.
    Congregation reports are tabulated, and the totals are sent to the local branch office. The branch sends the totals for each country or territory to our world headquarters.

    Reporting one's monthly preaching activity as a JW is not voluntary. WT HQs demands and requires that each and every congregation collect data in the form of hours spent in the ministry, Bible Studies conducted and videos shared with unbelievers from each and every baptized JW or unbaptized publisher. A congregation that refuses risks getting dissolved. A rank and file member who refuses risks getting counseled and labeled 'Inactive'!

    In fact a prerequisite for anyone desiring to get baptized is that he/she maintain the congregation or nationwide average of 8 to 10 active hours in the field ministry monthly and that he/she report that activiity monthly to the congregation which in turn reports to HQs.

    Further of note, an elder or ministerial servant's wife or children who decide to stop reporting his/her service time risks having their family member elder or ministerial servant deleted.

    Why does WT's website content need to be soo deceitful to the general public?

  • prologos
    the compulsion is voluntary! it's convoluted, and give the volume
  • Magnum
    Yeah, that's definitely deceptive. It makes it seem so casual - as if JWs are not under any kind of pressure. Try not reporting. You get hounded. When I first stopped reporting, one elder even told me that not reporting could be apostasy.
  • stuckinarut2

    Just try NOT reporting, and see how "voluntary" it is!

  • fastJehu

    At the end they write:

    By contrast, we count as Jehovah’s Witnesses only those who preach to others and who report that activity, not those who merely identify themselves as Witnesses.

    NO report - NO Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Who made the proof reading? They kicked the proof reading team out ot the bethel - to reduce the headcount.

    Source link:

  • oppostate

    Lies and exaggerations too.

    As our COBE commented during a WT study meeting.
    "Not turning in your service time is worse than watching extreme pornography."

    Exaggerations, lies, misquotes and misrepresentations, flipflops in doctrine and overlapping in generations, are all part of the JW religion's control kit.


    oppostate - "Not turning in your service time is worse than watching extreme pornography."

    Please tell me you approached him and asked him how he would know that !!!!!

    You try to become a hounder with less than 10 hours a months .........................................You going no-where !


    I would recommend adding this contradictory quote to whatever file you put this stuff in.

    Let's not forget how TOMO's God feels about "inactive" ones. What does being "inactive" mean? It means not reporting field service time, which is totally voluntary according to the above article.

    How does Jeehobbittydoob feel about those who are "inactive"? According to TOMO, a GB/Future ruler of the known Universe, Jeehoober doesn't understand when someone is "inactive". That's not the Jeehoobidoob that TOMO has come to know.

    TOMO's great God, Jeehobo, will make sure that "inactive" ones, those not voluntarily reporting their witnessing, ( Remember, they may "witness", but it's not reported. This may be due to depression, burn-out, ect.) go the same way as opposers of God!

    So, to wrap it all up, God will destroy "inactive" ones for not voluntarily reporting their field service time, right along with those judged as too wicked to be redeemed. That's right. God will give a sentence of everlasting death to anyone not reporting their time spent preaching, according to Jesus' brother, TOMO. It's totally voluntary, but if you don't do it, you aren't a JW anymore ( just because you didn't report it ) and God will kill you.

    To slightly expand and review: God allows wickedness. You are born into a world that is ruled by Satan. This "meat-grinder" of an existence goes on for thousands of years, causing untold suffering. The WTBTS's predictions for the END continually prove false. You suffer, perhaps for decades, and fail to report you service time, which is voluntary. Then God kills you for failing to voluntarily report your voluntary field service time, along with the incorrigibly wicked opposers of everything good in the Universe.

    Sounds fair....



  • smiddy

    Their is nothing Voluntary about being a Jehovah`s Witness , with the exception of your decision to become one , and that is where your volunteer commitment ends .After Baptism

    You are then subjected to a manipulated form of peer pressured dictatorship .


  • Gorbatchov
    When did AM3 said that inactive JW will be dead in Armageddon?

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