Pedophile on The Governing Body

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  • Diogenesister
    Hey I also think Leo Greenlees while working for the treasury was stealing a lot of new boy's money that they left with him for safe keeping. I left about a 150 dollars with the treasury department and a few months later I went to use some of that money and about half of it was gone and when I went to him to complain he sternly told me to write on the envelope the money inside. I just shrugged it off and took all my money out and bought a few bottles of wine.

    He was probably using it to either pay for very young rent boys OR to keep them quiet if they found out his identity....who knows. Shameless swines, a multi million pound company and they rip off poor Bethelites.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i hope lots of lurkers are reading this thread.

  • sparrowdown

    Would not surprise me at all, we should not be naive about these things. WT is not the immaculate org it makes out to be. Think about it naysayers. The likelyhood of sexual predators being present in closed religious orders is high across the board why would WT be any different?

    WT and its people are not immune to the statistics that are common in society in general, that's just another lie perpetuated by WT.

    "JWs do not have the same problems as other religions", JWs are the cleanest people on earth",

    "Never in Jehovahs organiation!" All typical JW naive/delusional responses.

    The question isn't would JWborg have sexual predators at bethel? The question is which ones are or have been the sexual predators at bethel?

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I'm thinking that L. Greenysleeze seperation from being a GB was an entirely financial consideration and that he probably had a golden parchute attached to that separation that helped him help himself till his dying day if you know what I mean.

  • jookbeard

    how much was swept under the carpet with Percy Chapman also?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Chitty & Greenlees are dead and thus beyond justice.

    But the WTS is still here. How much do they know? How much have they covered up? A thorough investigation is needed. Justice must be given to victims and the WTS must be punished.

    And Chitty, Greenlees & Percy Chapman are the known ones. What about the ones we don't know about?

    The ARC revealed a list of 1006 instances of unreported child abuse.

    Bill Bowman claimed HQ has a list of 23,500 abusers. I'm doubtful that this is accurate but they must be hiding a lot of bad stuff.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    who was percy chapman ?


    Also if I remember correctly when Barbara Anderson approached the Governing Body about the problem with child abuse, Ted Jaracz was one of the main ones who didn't want to do anything about it..... Interesting.

    And when you watch the channel 4 documentary when Jaracz was approached by the reporter and asked about child abuse the way he answered her was very weird, and haughty, which is to be expected from the G.Body

    But it does make me wonder if he was involved with something, maybe one day we will find out.

    When Irwin Zalkin has his hearing in September lets hope its gets somewhere and some of these records get released.

  • zeb

    new boy.

    Please send this onto Zalkin.

  • waton
    who was percy chapman ?

    sld: He was the top wt man in the Canadian Bethel.sirka 50, 60s. and Leo Greenlees, and a Br, Chitty (do not know if it was THE chitty) were there too. Chapman later married a female from the Canadian Bethel staff, was allowed to stay there, and tooled around in his green Cadillac.

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