Corona-virus facts

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  • Terry

    CORONA-VIRUS facts

    In China, people generally do not wash their hands. There is no soap in restrooms or even in hospitals.
    (Only 5 star hotels provide hand soap for tourists.)

    Doctors treating Corona-virus patients do NOT have proper masks to prevent the spread of contagion to themselves.

    Government policy in dealing with contagion is to silence reporting and to arrest patients and reporters to avoid mention of details leaking without administration spin.

    The actual spread of Corona-virus was hastened by deliberate failure to warn the public.
    SOCIAL HARMONY is an insidious policy requiring zero complaints about anything going on which reflects negatively on Communism or rulers.
    Patients standing on line for treatment are collapsing to the floor with virus symptoms.

    (Note: Chinese medicine does NOT consider the germ theory as a valid part of treatments.
    So-called "Traditional" Chinese powders, herbs, elixirs are trusted and contemporary science awareness is practically non-existent.)

    The rapid spread of Corona-virus was hastened by government officials pretending nothing serious was happening.

    Current reporting from "official" sources is definitely NOT to be trusted.
    FYI the proper medical masks to prevent transmission of this respiratory virus is 3M 8210V Particulate Respirator.

    THE PRICE on Amazon is going up up up UP UP!
    OUT OF STOCK because unscrupulous punters have bought them up to sell for inflated prices.

    Good luck getting any.

    There is a new law in China banning the spreading of rumors. This law aims to squelch Social Forums reporting to the outside world what is really going on.
    I've been following a fella from South Africa for months on a Vlog who has lived in China for many years.
    China has become so inhospitable to foreigners (especially YouTube vlogs) he has had to change his location to avoid arrest.

  • RubaDub

    Maybe the Corona Virus was caused by contaminated limes.

    Rub a Dub

  • waton

    how is it that people from the peoples republic are allowed to travel to metropoles like Seattle, Chicago Toronto , Paris and spread the gift?

    and how about that quick build 10 day hospital? they do it with multi story buildings, amazing. without being spirit directed in Beijing

  • WTWizard

    These things are spread on purpose, usually by Soros paid individuals and in an attempt to push for communism. All it takes is one sick person to go to another country, with Soros sponsoring such. All you see is the person going to Europe, America, or Australia and going about, spreading the illness in major cities where it gets out of control. Usually, the result is mandatory vaccination--and then, the vaccines themselves make people sicker than the original disease (such as Spanish flu).

    There are better ways to deal with these, in addition to getting that bible out of your home so immunity energy doesn't get siphoned off through such to the reptilians and repurposed to bring those things to earth. Good old fashioned soap and water is a good start--I have seen how rarely people actually use soap and water. (I used to wash dishes, and most of the other dishwashers never used soap and water. I had to place a soap dispenser in the area myself, as none was placed there when I started. And when I filled them to the top before a day off, I came back the following day and it was down less than 1 millileter. And that was back in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

    Other things that help are vitamin D (hint: If you have dark skin and live in northern latitudes, are afraid to show any skin, or believe that you need cancer cream to go out in any sun, you are not getting it from sun), coconut oil, boron (which is illegal in many countries, to protect the arthritis industry), good doses of antioxidants, making sure you sleep properly, and limiting alcohol and refraining from smoking and other drugs. So many people think smoking weed will do good--no, it will make you more susceptible. If you smoke cancer sticks, this might be a good time to stop--for this, even if it proves to be a hoax or it fizzles, you still benefit from not poisoning yourself and you stop wasting silver buying money.

  • LV101

    I was thinking the same WTWizard re/the spreading via travel -- heard it's in all the world now. Unreal.

    Thx for the facts, Terry.

  • Acerbitous

    Thanks Terry--Chinese parents let little kids pee and poop into city storm drains, too

    The media has already put together collage videos to explain the crisis- even using videos of sick people taken when the trees had all their summer leaves- who is going to notice that detail?

    It behooves us to use caution when dealing with media pandemics- I am old enough to remember the 1976 swine flu epidemic- where the vaccination shot could have been more dangerous than the virus--

  • cobweb
  • NoAbuse

    WTWizard: "These things are spread on purpose, usually by Soros paid individuals and in an attempt to push for communism."

  • Finkelstein

    What do you expect to happen with densely populated human social environments and poor quality hygienic handling of food sources involving animals ?

    Your not going to see strongly enforced food handling practices in open public food markets in China, where live animals are stored, killed and butchered for sale all in one place.

    Where did the virus come from?

    The virus appears to have originated in the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan, a Chinese city about 650 miles south of Beijing that has a population of more than 11 million people. The market sells fish, as well as a panoply of meat from other animals, including bats and snakes. The Wuhan market was shut down Jan. 1.

    Markets have been implicated in the origin and spread of viral diseases in past epidemics, and a large majority of the people so far confirmed to have come down with this coronavirus had been to the Huanan Seafood marketplace in recent weeks. The market seems like an integral piece of the puzzle, but researchers will need to conduct a range of experiments and tests to confirm the virus' origin.

  • Terry

    Immunologists have cautioned that CARRIERS of the retrovirus DO NOT EXHIBIT SYMPTOMS for the first five to seven days.
    The U.S. has NOT stopped flights from China.
    Instead, airports are scanning for "fever" (elevated temperature).

    Who is being paid off?
    There is no excuse for this dereliction of responsibility in our CDC.

    Look how long they've been aware of the danger:

    First Travel-related Case of 2019 Novel Coronavirus Detected in United States

    Press Release

    For Immediate Release: Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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