3-File Requests: Destroy Notes BOE--Publications For Discard--Where Are The Nine!

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  • lastmanstanding

    What is the significance of the tract “Where are the nine”..? It’s interesting for sure, to read of the opinion expressed concerning the “preaching”... but what exactly did the OP have in mind?

  • slimboyfat

    Typo in first letter, in the second last sentence. (“With be” instead of “be with”)

    The letters look genuine. But I do wonder how we verify authenticity these days when fakes are so easy to produce.

  • Atlantis


    We were told that there was a recent local needs part where the 1928 tract (Where Are The Nine?), was used as an example. The Proclaimers Book page 288 shows an example of that tract at the bottom of the page.

    We were just asked for the original tract.


  • Listener

    The note taking letter helps to expose JW leaders.

    It instructs Elders not to take notes so that the heart condition may be shown through wild talk from the sinner and not to be offended by any wild talk.

    It's gross to think that they want the pedophile to 'talk wildly' about the things they did but more sickening that they instruct Elders not to be offended. Anyone, other than the pedophile or sick individuals, would be seriously offended to hear these crimes.

    I would love a lawyer to show that letter in court.

  • Atlantis


    I would love a lawyer to show that letter in court.


    Totally agree!


  • LongHairGal


    Even though it makes me angry to read they can be destroying evidence, I’m glad to hear that personal records of confessions and judicial committees are possibly being shredded!.. For WHAT purpose would these have been kept so long in the first place??

    It makes me angry that men have kept decades old accounts of people’s fornication and intimate and unnecessary details that gullible sisters should have NEVER told to uneducated perverted bastards..I know the type of questions they ask and I would have spat in somebody’s eyes before I got up and walked out!

    It’s too bad that it took something extreme to make them get rid of records like this!

  • poopie

    Does this apply to united states

  • eyeuse2badub

    'New lite' has been revealed leading the GB to their latest doctrinal revelation! CYA (cover your ass)

    just saying!

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Time to raid the trash bin? I always wanted to know if sister Hot could fulfill my fantasies? We wont go into whether i could fulfill hers

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I find it interesting that the letter does not mention if criminal behavior was covered in the judicial committee (Pedophilia, rape, fraud, physical abuse, murder, etc). As soon as someone takes notes about a crime, it becomes evidence and so, it is unlawful to destroy them. Same goes with introduction letters: if they make any allusion to crimes committed, they cannot be destroyed. And yet, they deliberately ignored this matter in the letter. This is not a small omission, especially in Australia, where they have been under heavy fire for their mishandling of pedophile cases. They are obviously trying to get their elders to destroy evidence without actually spelling it out as they know these letters are constantly getting leaked.

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