My sermon at Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation

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    breakfast of champions

    Putting those years spent in the "Theocratic Ministry School" to good use!

  • rawe

    Hi Reopened Mind,

    I served as a MS from 1993 until 2000 when I appointed an elder. I resigned in 2005, explaining in my letter that I had a sympathetic view of the theory of evolution. I was sure that I could keep going even though privately I was an atheist. And that might have worked, until of course the situation with my daughter came to the fore.

    Good for you on giving sermons! So... funny thing... One of the things Wendy and I talked about was getting too involved in UU. We wanted to keep it simple Sunday thing. The main worry was I would be asked to help in various ways. But... what we didn't think about was Wendy would be asked! So, Wendy looks after the welcome table with another congregation member. On one occasion Rev. Kellie, Wendy and the other individual were meeting to discuss things. When they were done, I quipped -- "finally you are making me wait for your *elder* meeting to end!" :-)

    I have visited a few UU congregations when we've traveled. VUU I believe is on the larger side (we have about 300 members).



  • rawe

    Hi Diane,

    [Thanks, Randy. I have complex PTSD, so I am easily triggered by listening to a speaker reference the Bible. I didn't find that to be the case with your sermon.]

    Yes, that is good point. I mentioned the other Ex-JW at VUU. His sister talked to me afterwards and said the exact same thing! That she really has an adverse reaction at any mention of the Bible, but didn't in this case. Perhaps knowing that I absolutely do not believe the material is the "word of God" makes the difference.

    I believe the secular view of the Bible can highlight so much that a believer actually misses. For example, how often does one hear that "Satan" spoke to "Eve." But of course, the account in Genesis says nothing of the sort. "Satan" and "Devil" is simply not a character one finds anywhere in Genesis. Genesis says a "Serpent" spoke to Eve and the structure of the narrative leaves the distinct impression the authors literally means a talking snake. The idea that animals once talked like humans is not unusual. Origin stories of North American Indians have such accounts.



  • snakeface

    That's great! There are many of us who now publicly expose the Wt to be the cult that it is.

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