Blood Transfusion Permitted

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  • _Morpheus

    If this thread was titled to create the illusion that somehow wt hq had approved a blood transfusion, the whole thread is an epic fail.

    If it was designed to draw attention to the general contradiction in jw logic, that you can do anything you want before your baptized, including taking blood, and be forgiven, im not sure thats newsworthy. All christians believe that, hence the “death bed” conversions of centuries past.

    That the loony jw of your story claims to be anointed is of no value to the story one way or another.

    Just a small dose of logic laced cold water. Continue on.

    *my remarks are in no way directed at lee elders observation, or at anyone other than the OP

  • JustMe2

    Nevuela, Isn't DATA-DOG simply poking fun at the Society's views?

  • LOLS

    I asked my JW husband a few weeks ago what would happen if myself or one of our 3 children needed a Blood Transfusion what would he do ......

    Well I was very surprised by his answer ....

    He said that the decision would be left up to me & he knows full well that I would allow my children & myself to get a blood transfusion if it meant it could save our lives ,

    His reasoning been that it wouldn't affect him as the organisation knows that his wife & children are not JW's so it would be my sin to carry ...... But I feel that it's his way of working around this crazy rule & saving his kids & wife's life if need be .... and thank goodness cause it worries me daily .

  • Nevuela

    Morpheus I was in no way attempting to create any sort of "illusion." I was merely sharing an anecdote of an incident that surprised me, and was curious as to what other people thought of it and whether they have experienced anything similar.

    I know that the WT has the gall to sing the praises of children who would rather die (and who HAVE died) rather than accept blood. I also know that they have gone so far as to applaud pregnant women who have risked their own lives and that of their unborn babies in order to uphold their gross misinterpretation of scripture.

    There is no illusion they can create that will ever convince me that they are anything but evil.

  • Incognito
    The GB wanted all the leadership for themselves claiming to the the FDS so that there wouldn't be any question about whose opinion counts as "doctrine". - Oppostate

    To clarify, this change was actually more a means to protect WT assets.

    WT's lawyer was forced to testify to the Judge in an Australian court of law, the FDS class is only a theological arrangement. IOW, the FDS class does not actually exist.

    It was only after this that WT teachings were changed so that any claiming to be anointed, are no longer immediately included within the FDS, only the GB is.

    The GB also changed their doctrine to have not yet inherited Christ's belongings but will inherit them once the Great Tribulation commences.

    For additional info and clarification on this, the link below is to Louise Goode and Laura Kaput's JW Community Podcast episode S06E17 'How the Faithful and Discreet Slave were killed' where they interview Steven Unthank.

    Steven Unthank interview - Sept 2018

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