Yearbook 2016

by Gorbatchov 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • truthlover

    Don't know, but it seems the seats are getting fuller at the hall -- granted we have had 4 pioneers move in, but those who were always missing at meetings seem to be wandering back most of the time now. No new ones with one exception.

  • truthlover
    PS- this is a great report.. I used to track but ....
  • punkofnice
    My problem is, I don't believe the things the WBT$ report. They cannot be trusted.
  • truthlover

    I know that most do not take a close look at the report... I like number crunching too and there is a lot of room for discrepancies that the pubs don't get.... I love to call issues to the fore, the society only gives the good reports on various countries and indicate increases to offset the obvious.

    As you cant be negative in the hall -- I will tell any who listen as to what the real story is, but it falls on deaf ears.

    The society has said it is doing God's work and therein lies the problem - they bring God into the picture and then they can do anything they want without question.

    You wonder why Germany did what it did in the camps under Hitler???? the WTSociety is the same - people are under a spell.... it cannot easily be broken.

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