Today's local watchtower study. On csa! Must read

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  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    Wow, LevelThePlayingField. We're all ears, especially to those 5 witnesses. I'm popping some corn as I type.

  • 3rdgen

    What Fat Freek said. I'll get the Beer

  • Listener

    Leveltheplayingfield, that's not what the Watchtower was looking for. They are careful about things not backfiring like that. At least it brings home the fact that it is a real problem within the congregation and parents need to be careful as to whom they can trust.

  • Seven of Nine
    Seven of Nine

    Fascinating. I have not been back here to this board for many years . . . I had the username Locutus of Borg back then. I was here in the 1990s when it was the old H2O board.

    This really pisses me off. New light, flashing light, blinking light, one minute it's red, then green then red again . . . .

    There was a huge scandal . . . . My daughter was one of those molested at 3-4 yrs old by at least one teen (son of an elder, a babysitter) in the late 70s early 80s in the Franklin, NH congregation. When I threatened going to the Police, I was threatened by the elders with dis-fellowshipping.

  • Topple_the_tower

    It would be funny if you turned his comments over to the service department and he gets removed for that. I bet he would turn apostate after if he was willing to say that on stage.

    Or worse he has to retract his statement in front of the congregation.

  • wannaexit

    So the watchtower says that child sexual abuse is a sin against the authorities. The whole idea is nonsense.

    Who calls the police and says: I want to report a "sin". IT'S A CRIME watchtower. STOP sweeping it underneath the rug.

  • truthlover123

    Par 14 CH 14

    tells elders NOW two elders and two parents to go as well (minor child).and should one of the parents be involved in the abuse, another adult member off the congregation can attend with the child. They do not have to meet with perp anymore.

    That is NEW and goes back to Jackson at the AR C- he agreed to do that.

    sECTION24 NOTES THAT service dept will notify congregation of issue with abuse and children are not to be allowed around that one.-- this is new.

    Society is playing it like they always operated this way, facts show different cause families have been told they were liars, disfellowshipped, children anguished, parents

    anguished, in some cases, home broken up by this issue.

    Cant find anything on 2 witnesses.... and yes , now they can go to the law - prev it was toned down that Jehovah will handle it - allowing pep to abuse more kids

  • Doofgrandaddy

    The only reason Watchtower is bringing new light is because they have and will continue to get sued over CSA.

    They are afraid of the Authorities but most of all losing their ill gotten gains.

    Not just flip flopping, they are gutless

  • zeb

    some thing interesting now begins to rear its very ugly head.

    Given the jw penchant for gossip anyone seen showing any affection to kids or giving gifts will now be likely put up as ...someone to watch.... because the jw uber class will now be 105% experts in detecting abuse or intended abuse.

    Imagine a caring person going to the kh and sitting like crash dummy ignoring all the kids so they wont be of them...

    KH..just stay away......................

  • BluesBrother

    The WT overseer’s comment would be true locally if in a state that requires mandatory reporting of all allegations. Sadly it is not true worldwide. He should have made that clear.

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