history repeats itself

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  • waton
    All the women posting comments here...Did you get your husbands permission to post here? zing

    Silence was a virtue in the congregation of the "holy ones" hardly a criterion applied here. and in the other domain, the kh, not a place for the wt "holy ones" either ( hardly a partaker per hall) so, fittingly, wt gave the blessing to have the mike-holders serve the ladies. .

    . society's are dominated by men, women will continue to be 2nd class! e2bu.

    au contraire, Ladies are 1st class +, cherished and mothers, holding the undisputed monopoly for carrying the human race, life into the future.

  • waton

    The OP was about the never changing story of hearing a good suggestion and then acknowledging it, and promptly turning around and do the opposite, not the opposite sex.

    wt has managed often to do both.

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