Yesterday's Watchtower Study 11 June 2017

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  • never a jw
    never a jw

    "Dont worry - goD will show them. Kill them all - including 50 million unborn babies (isnt that abortion?) and 150 Million babies under 1 year old."

    The logic and math don't work here.

    For 9 months we gather 50 million (unborn). You just add three more months (to complete one year) and we are supposed to believe it is possible to have an extra 100 million. That's going to be one busy quarter working at a rate six times the rate of the previous 9 months. That's a miracle

  • tepidpoultry

    They're continuing the fear mongering that they've played for the past 130 years,

    I'm not playing


  • Diogenesister

    Who are the bullies, bigots and criminals really, Watchtower?

    Bullies: DF kids, teens, the mentally ill and threatening them with the loss of family, friends and whole support network unless they DO AS WE SAY? Blame victims of child sex abuse and rape? Blame victims of domestic violence....whatever their sex and age? Use our money and power to order courts to do our bidding against our own poor members? Use gossip as a weapon? Use shame, fear, obligation and guilt as a weapon to get what WE want? Weaponize families?

    Bigots: you mean homophobes, sexists (who believe women are lower creatures because smaller brains) and those who believe a different religion to mine deserves death? Who uses derogatory terms like "worldly" for those who do not belong to their publishjng corporation?

    Criminals: is perjury a crime? Paedophillia? Insurance fraud? Concealing court requested documents on sex offenders? Advocating violence upon children? Are Perpetrators and defenders of domestic violence, criminal?

  • ttdtt

    never a JW

    Dude it may have been pretty obvious I was using general figures, not to the penny?
    I think the logic is pretty simple too.
    Cut me a little slack?


    Many women intend to get pregnant. Each year an estimated 123 million succeed. But a substantial additional number of women – around 87 million – become pregnant unintentionally. For some women and their partners this may be a pleasant surprise, but for others the pregnancy may be mistimed or simply unwanted ( 77 ). Of the estimated 211 million pregnancies that occur each year, about 46 million end in induced abortion (see Figure 3.2)

  • mentalclarity

    Thanks for posting's been almost a decade since I've picked up a Watchtower- so it's kind of interesting to see the same spiel being spewed. One of the saddest things about some JWs is their hope for the paradise to come and fix everything. Meanwhile they stay in unhappy relationships, shitty jobs and terrible situations while they are waiting when they could be actively making decisions to have a better life now. Just waiting and waiting and waiting for paradise. How incredibly sad!

  • waton
    paragraph 7: "..religious organisations deceive millions of people--"

    particularly wt: New 1919 F&DS' new light: "....Millions now living will never die" still the wt message: and billions will.

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