Yesterday's Watchtower Study 11 June 2017

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  • BluesBrother

    "What Will Go When God's Kingdom Comes?" from April W/tower

    We start with a picture of Jesus riding a white horse into battle, galloping towards terrified people in darkness. I can't help being reminded of Gandalf in "Lord Of The Rings... but no matter.

    The theme is 1 John 2.17 "The world is passing away and so is its desire but he who does the will of God remains forever"

    I believe a more appropriate theme would be 1 Cor 4.6 "Do not go beyond the things written" , because they surely do.

    We open with a striking intro. likening the "system" to a "Dead man walking" ....a prisoner on death row, as good as dead..... in their viewpoint anyway

    What will "go"? Firstly it is "wicked people"....Yes but who is wicked enough to be slaughtered by Jesus? Para. 4 mentions bullies, bigots and criminals , but is that all they mean? See para 6.

    Who will remain in place of wicked people? Jehovah makes this heartwarming promise: “The meek will possess the earth, and they will find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.” Later in the same psalm, we read: “The righteous will possess the earth, and they will live forever on it.” (Ps. 37:11, 29) Who are “the meek” and “the righteous”? The meek are those who humbly accept Jehovah’s teaching and guidance; the righteous are those who love doing what is right in the eyes of Jehovah God

    So if we reject "Jehovah's teaching and guidance" from them of course, we are wicked enough to fall under the hooves of the white horse. They are saying "if you don't follow my religion you deserve to die ! No wonder the Russians called them "extremist" !

    Er... Does the Bible actually say that?

    The same fate apparently awaits "corrupt organizations " of governments, all other religions , and large business corporations


    God’s Word foretells that the governments and all their dependent organizations will be rocked from their foundations. The great tribulation will reach its climax with the destruction of all the governments of this old world and all those who side with them against God’s Kingdom.

    So if you vote for a candidate, and never join the Witnesses ....curtains for you !

    Wrong activities too have to go. Immoral entertainment and the actions it "glamorizes". We have a reference to Sodom and Gomorrah and righteous Lot.God's action there "set a pattern"

    The final part is a fanciful discussion of how wonderful it will be in paradise when everybody else has been killed.. "God's Organization will be running the world and everyone left alive will live happily ever after .........if you can still believe this stuff.

    I used to believe - even though articles like this I would have viewed as a tad simplistic. That was before I was brave enough to ask myself the difficult questions - before I got down to really thinking about the Scriptures and realizing that the Bible itself just does not support these fanciful notions . It is (I concluded) just the ideas of men spun around a few sound bite hits on verses that are not connected up.

    They have gone far beyond the "things written"

  • ToesUp

    Ruling with fear. It works on most and WT knows it. They are using fear in everything they preach now days. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  • freddo

    What a load of simplistic brain numbing bunk. If that's the regular WT then what does the simpleton's simplified version have to say?

    I love the polarised view. So what about your unbelieving children and spouse sister "shit for brains" err ...I mean sister gullible.

    We haven't said it out right but they are toast!

    But if you sit there and nod your head hard enough you can compartmentalize all the crap so that you can function ... as long as you stay on the meds.

  • steve2

    This article is a soothing, "politically-correct' way of saying, "If you ain't got the approval of JW organization, it's curtains for you and your dependents".

    This is also why, with the wool of obfuscation pulled over their willfully blinded eyes, JWs would say, "But the article doesn't say that at all."

  • EverApostate

    Why cant Jesus upgrade to a better mode of transport, instead of horse. Is this a "spiritistic" horse ? Sarcasm works and would make some JW feel, its all nonsense. Breaking their fear tactics with ridicule is the best strategy I have experienced.

  • NikL

    as long as you stay on the meds.

    True that!

    For the "happiest people in the world" There is an awful lot of depression and other mental illness.

  • ttdtt

    There goes the WT with a brush as wide as the Earth.

    Your a JW or your a Evil person. So why are they so upset about all the evil people doing evil things to other evil people?

    Dont worry - goD will show them. Kill them all - including 50 million unborn babies (isnt that abortion?) and 150 Million babies under 1 year old.

    Now thats loving god!!!

    I like this part:)

    After it is carried out, every thinking creature in the universe will heartily agree that justice was done. The relief will be immense!

    Yea i guess since you KILLED all the people who would object!
    What a Relief when 7.2 billion people are at your feet dead!


  • Half banana
    Half banana

    This paranoid drivel from the WT is based on a stupid belief that the Bible is a magic book. The message is all you have have to do is try and comply with every scripture that we (JWorg) bring to you and you will be OK--Big J will reward you.

    Actually this is absurd! To quote two scriptures which can be linked by a common thread does not make an instruction from God. All it does is link two scriptures with a common thread or idea. The verse in Psalms 37 has nothing tangible to do with Revelation except that the themes are wish fulfillment of triumphal victory and salvation for the Jews in the first case and narcotic induced dreamlike military victory in the second case.

    To put them together does not make it the word of God.


    What will "go"? Firstly it is "wicked people"....Yes but who is wicked enough to be slaughtered by Jesus? Para. 4 mentions bullies, bigots and criminals

    "Jesus intends to kill us!"..........."We shouldn`t have fired him."

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  • Steel

    I kind of bothers me that the average jw can't explain the book of Romans, what the new conevant is, what is the difference between the old and new testaments is or what old testament Christalogy is yet they have figured out the book of revelations and we are all going to die.

    They are literally the nation inquirer of religion.

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