A "Simple Life": Who's Footing the Bill?

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  • thebrokenkite

    Greetings! After much lurking and even sporadic posting under an alias account, I've decided to come out of the "apostate" shadows. This month marks my 1-year disfellowshipping anniversary. It's been a long, arduous journey, one that nearly took my life. I could never have envisioned finding myself the happiest I've ever been with the woman of my dreams, a fulfilling job, and the relatively "charmed" life I now enjoy the Thursday night I was announced as no longer belonging to the JW ranks. I hope to share my personal experiences in great detail moving forward, as I was a B-lite not too long ago and heavily involved in JW tour programs in NYC, to which relatively few on this forum have been privy.

    Anyway, on to the matter at hand... I have been working in the Machiavellian world of healthcare (I'll save my specific views on the US healthcare system for a separate post) over the last few years and my most recent role has me working with the usually underprivileged and disadvantaged Medicaid population. To ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations, and not out of fear of being identified, I shall keep the couple and related details that led me to this question vague.

    I know of two specific members in our health plan who are active JWs and Medicaid beneficiaries. I have had limited personal exchanges with them and cannot identify an external reason for them to receive such a benefit, besides their evident pursuit of a "simple life". I applaud anyone who devotes their time in the service of others, however disingenuous or selfish their true motives may be. It caused me, though, to think of all the young, able-bodied, intelligent men and women who choose to limit their secular responsibilities to pursue those that Watchtower extols instead. How many of those are unfairly taking advantage of an already unfair healthcare system in order to commit to 840 hours of peddling literature and videos to disinterested householders annually? It is on par with Walmart's egregious and flagrant dodging of providing proper healthcare to its employees. If the JW Medicaid population is considerable, taxpayers, who are already bled for future services they may never actually benefit from, are indirectly supporting the Worldwide Work.

    Broadening the question, how many JWs, around the world, perfectly capable of earning a modest living, are on Public Assistance because their extremist lifestyle necessitates or encourages it? (Please note that this is not an attack on JWs on welfare. I grew up in Section 8 housing, limited to living off of food stamps, etc. However, my single mother worked multiple jobs to provide for us AND pioneered. Employers leveraged her immigration status against her salary until said status changed, after which she immediately discharged us from welfare and we have been fortunate not to need it again.)

    I have not seen this topic discussed in detail before and would be curious to know your thoughts, retorts, or potential data. If Watchtower alone is announcing Jehovah's Kingdom, then Watchtower alone should make healthcare provisions for those not of their worldwide order, and on Public Assistance solely because they are "focusing on the Kingdom".

  • Chook

    Again welcome, there seems to be a steady stream of newly annointed apostates, as to welfare the GB are at the receiving end of robbing the widows mite. May your life be blessed .Cheers Chook

  • NewYork44M

    Welcome aboard. Are you in the NYC area? I am, we should connect.

  • Spiral

    Oh boy what a topic. The JWs hate the "world" but because many of them are taught to live a simple life (read: poor and undereducated, struggling to find enough work) they often have to rely on benefits. I've seen so much of this in the last two years. The true cost to the government is huge, and the personal cost to those involved is also huge. You get to a certain age and you realize what a joke this is. On top of that, no retirement. I've met several sisters lately (and I mean several) who have decided they are too old and unhealthy to do housecleaning and windowcleaning (the mainstays here locally). And the elderly ones who have nothing...... sad.

    Most of the JWs I know in this small town don't even seem to understand they were screwed over by pioneering out of high school and refusing (and I mean it, just watch the skits and experiences at the circuit assembly) to learn anything but basic skills to make a living. Remember, the new order is "just around the corner". Meanwhile, we have a college here and one within an hour drive away. Sheesh!

    But the GB have everything they need for their old age in their new digs. I keep wondering why more don't see the disparity. Maybe they do and I just don't hear it. I shake my head every day.

  • WTWizard

    And who is paying for the money wasted on theocraptic activity? It all costs money--you waste gas and suit dry cleaning money attending boasting sessions and doing field circus. The gas alone can add up to more than what someone might spend on smoking or scratch off tickets. You are supposed to donate to the Worldwide Damnation Fund. Without a decent income, how are you supposed to finance that? As I see it, people on welfare have no business wasting their money on stupid things like that.

    Not to mention bigger periodic expenses. Every year, you are supposed to waste the gas and time going to a three day wastefest. Usually, there are motel rooms involved. And more Worldwide Damnation Fund donations. If you are not well off, how the heaven are you supposed to afford this? And worse, any idiot that wasted the time and money on one of those two-week Israel missions doesn't deserve welfare. With the money wasted on one of those abominations, you could have bought a whole monster box of silver Eagles or Maple Leafs. Yet, they are harping on that, if you have money to buy even a silver dime, you have money to donate to the Worldwide Damnation Fund or you are working too much. Even a simple ice cream cone is "stealing from joke-hova".

    I do not want my taxes paying for this. Welfare is supposed to be for those who run into bad luck and cannot find a job or lose their present job, or are forced out of work because of abusive company policies. It is not for those who choose to waste their time pursuing damnation of the whole human race. And the funds they demand the members waste on their activities--if I had to pay for either a monster box of silver or a two-week mission in Israel, I would rather pay for the monster box of silver. At least that would provide for someone during the coming financial crash--lessening my burden in the future. The Israel mission does not, and it does provide damnation for the whole human race.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I see many JWs who really know "how to work the system". They are not unlike many "worldly" people who choose to take advantage of the welfare system and are a burden to other working people. But many can still "Pioneer".

  • thebrokenkite

    Thanks for the welcome and replies. I'm sorry for the late response, also.

    @NewYork44M It'd be great to meet. I live and work in Queens. We should arrange something soon. Actually, my fiancée and I are in need of a marriage witness this Wednesday, if you're available. All of my friends are still JWs and she recently moved from FL so we're friendless here. :)

  • millie210

    This is a great topic to discuss.

    The fearless leader of the JWs here locally (COBE) gets disability and is not disabled in the least. His wife worked tirelessly at the paperwork and hoop jumping required for years and finally got herself and her husband a nice check coming each month for them both, along with free health care.

  • OnTheWayOut

    This topic has been discussed, but I don't think any recent discussions have been had because the huge push for everyone to pioneer was years ago. Now, there are so many laid off Bethelites and plenty of older pioneers to stand around the carts and do nothing.

    But in my day, there were so many pioneers that made sure they did not work enough hours to lose their government benefits. So many who said they could not work, but then did the all-day-everyday recruitment work. Praise was heaped upon them for this. When some would quit the pioneer work to go to work full time, they would have elders and C.O.'s accusing them of setting worldly goals and losing out on holy spirit.

    Thanks for the reminders.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Funny how "Satan's world" and the "corrupt governments" foot the bill for many who pioneer and rely on government assistance in order to carry out their evangelizing work. Either Satan is behind the governments and is using them to oppress and restrict Jehovah's kingdom work, or Satan is not manipulating these global political leaders so that they can provide financial assistance to those in full-time service. Which is it, JWs???

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