A "Simple Life": Who's Footing the Bill?

by thebrokenkite 10 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • LongHairGal

    Years ago a sister who knew her way around the system suggested I try to get disability. I didn't do it but stuck with my full time job and was considered "not spiritual" and hardly invited anywhere.

    The JWs model their lives on depression era America where people didn't work much and bartered for food, etc. This is an unrealistic mentality and why most of them are allergic to work! A lot of these JWs who made arrogant remarks are finding out just how hard it is to live in the world (bethelites and pioneers who didn't "count the cost").

    Now that the sh#t has hit the fan and everybody there has gotten old "in this system of things" they are panicked because they did not plan for retirement. Even those collecting a disability check they don't deserve still don't have much money.

    If I were still there these idiots would be asking ME for money. Sorry Witnesses! You don't get to criticize somebody for supporting themselves and then think you are going to ask them for money. Doesn't work that way...And, any Witnesses who ask for money from their "worldly" relatives who they shunned for forty years deserve to be told where to go!

    The audacity of these hypocrites!

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