Annual Meeting 2017—Talks and Adjustments to the Ministry

by Zeds Dead 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    All these cut backs going on are under the organization's guiding power of Holy Spirit. Jehovah's had enough of warning mankind to straighten up and fly right and he's getting ready to trample the grapes of wrath with his huge feet. In fact I even think he wants to make this batch of Governing Body all homeless and begging in the street he is that pissed off(at leasts that's what my little imaginary Jehovo is thinking (eat your heart out AM#3).

  • Dunedain

    Did these GB assholes forget that they said years ago that the Watchtower mags were fulfillment of prophecy from the book of Revelations, lol?

    Remember the magazines were the "stinging message" from the scorpions. Their millions of magazines each year PROVED they were being blessed by Jah. The millions of magazines fulfilled bible prophecy, and JWs were the wielders of this "stinging message".

    Now they are printing 3 rags a year. Whats going on? No more "stinging message"? No more fulfillment of Revelations? No more blessings from Jah?

    NOPE, its NO MORE MONEY!!!!

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