Do you still go to meetings?

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  • NikL

    As I was sitting in the meeting last night i thought about this question.

    Sometimes it feels really lonely because I don't connect with most others in the congregation and I have to be so careful with the ones with whom I do associate.

    Quick rundown on my life...Got baptized at 17...married at 20...became inactive at 28 wife still active though...came back to meetings with her 20 years later just to keep her quiet and see if they had changed (for a while i actually thought they had) I am still inactive and haven't gone out in service or anything. I just go to meetings with my wife who is happy as a lark to have me there with her...just go to meetings and think...and think...and think...

    Anyway, I just wondered if there are any out there like me who are going to meetings and nothing else?

  • blondie

    Haven't been to a meeting, assembly, convention, funeral, wedding for 15 years including the memorial, a meeting, right. But my husband left about 3 months after I did. If he was still going, I still wouldn't go. That was what I told him when I banned all meetings of any kind from my life. I guess after 3 months without me he decided it was better not to go.

    I figure get busy man with projects that interfere with meetings that she would like. Or bring something with you constructive to the meetings, music, laptop and write lists, letters to friends, finances, etc.

    I did that for 5 years before I stopped going. Wasn't enough.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i was dipped at 14. pioneered from 16. married to a born in at 20. resigned from the cult at 23....but still attended occasionally to keep her quiet. we split up when i was 33--and i never went to a meeting since then. that was 35 years ago.


    Do you still go to meetings?

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  • Sanchy

    I dont go to meetings, but I enjoy listening by phone just to analyze what's said from my current perspective.

  • NikL


  • Bugbear

    I stopped go 15 years ago. The only meeting I have attended was on a funeral 10 years ago. It was a close friend from many years back in time that had died. Wife still goes on every meeting. She know that even if she ask me to come with her on any I would refuse.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I have an active JW wife, but I just cannot go, will not go.

    I faded out quickly 10 years ago, went to a Memorial as my last "regular attendance" meeting. Went to the Memorial one year later and have since been to a couple of funeral services at the hall.

    I went to my father-in-law's funeral service at a Kingdom Hall this year. I mean- I want to be able to show my wife that I am reasonable and fair, that my reasons for not going regularly are not like her superstition of stepping into a church. Except for the closest family, I wouldn't even go for a funeral, though.

    Take it for what it's worth, but I wouldn't go regularly to make my wife "happy as a lark to have me there with her." My wife regularly goes to different Kingdom Halls, supposedly to accommodate her other events in life, but I believe it's partly because her assigned congregation knows me and that they make her feel poor that I am not there with her. It's her misery to choose to go, I let her have it. I would rather go do anything else.

  • Divergent

    No I DON'T and I'm proud of it! ! !

  • out4good4

    Still going to them sometimes by proxy of my wife wanting to talk about how good they are.

    When my eyeballs start to sweat

    she knows it is time to stop talking about them.

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