Help! I'm having a cart attack!

by Funchback 26 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Simon

    'member when you had to walk to count hours? Yeah, I 'member!!

  • Simon

    Holy cow, I searched for a "member berries" image and found a slew of JW related ones:

  • kairos

    my wife does cart witnessing.

    Not a pioneer, married to an apostate.

  • steve2

    Kairos, there's a tee-shirt slogan in there. 😜

  • Heaven

    Funchback, I would have to say that your area is evidently over saturated having 2 JW carts in such close proximity.

    Edited to add: Meanwhile, where I live, I have yet to see these carts.

  • Funchback


    This avenue (called Beira-Mar) is right on the beach. As the sun sets, it is bustling with families, joggers, vendors and such. Literally, hundreds of people pass by them on any given late afternoon/evening. They are with their carts every day. I've lived in this particular apartment for over a year. I walk home from work on this avenue every day at 4PM and they are out in 3 to 4 locations.

    Anyway, not once have I received even a smile or a head nod. It's not because I'm "apostate" because they don't know me or my history.

    Unless, Jehovah has put it into their hearts not to talk to me, in which case it must be the truth!

    Just kidding. I don't believe in that nonsense anymore!

  • steve2

    Funchback, I can forgive you not approaching them to chat about the kingdom good news.

    But I cannot forgive you not approaching the sisters to provide timely counsel on the need for them to wear well-arranged dress.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    This photo reminds me of the times when I was a teenager we used to drive into the nearby city early in the mornings to do street witnessing for a few hours before we met for regular Field Service. This major west coast U.S. "City" wasn't actually in our congregations territory so a bunch of JW guys who were from the "City" and who were a little older than us, came up and told us to "get outta' their territory". They were deadly serious....they said they were sick of all the JW's from the suburbs coming out and making it hard for them to place magazines.

    I couldn't believe it ! They were missing the whole point about reaching as many people as possible before "the end". It didn't matter who placed the magazines so long as the word got wasn't as if we were getting commi$$ion !

    From this photo, it looks as if the first group doesn't even know the other group exists and neither group would be motivated enough to move to another location .

  • stuckinarut2

    According to the society, this is a life-saving work. They have often used the illustration of saving people from a burning building.

    This form of witnessing with the carts is more like standing outside that building that is on fire and holding up a small bit of paper that says "danger"....

    Urgency? Think not....

  • Heaven

    Funchback said: Anyway, not once have I received even a smile or a head nod. It's not because I'm "apostate" because they don't know me or my history.

    FB, your area sounds quite busy. Definitely busier than mine in small town rural Ontario. I am not sure they really want to talk to people. I wonder how many cart attendants actually believe or feel comfortable with what they are pseudo promoting.

    They aren't knocking on my door. I work from home full time. They aren't doing door-to-door here.

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