Update 8: "fix your attitude, young lady"

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  • Esmeralda001


    My study conductor lectured me about my attitude this morning!!!! Apparently some sister complained to her that my attitude was irritating. The sister in question is just bothered by the fact that I ignore her along with her four daughters. It is true that I've been shunning a entire group of women the last couple of weeks. What I have to say in my defence is that Ignoring certain members of my congregation has proved to be an effective way to keep chaos and negativity out of my life. I put my brain on "filter mode" twice a week when I attend the meetings: I will greet everybody except for the sisters who have been acting funny with me since my coming back to the org. Quite frankly it feels good to not have to worry about the troublemakers. My focus is on the well-meaning hearts and the "lowly" ones. It's funny,though,how the same people who have been shunning me for months are the ones who take offence at my attitude. Am I not doing them a favour by not acknowledging their existence? They are the ones who taught me by their arrogance that being socially selective is the way to go. My behaviour provides me with confidence and peace. For that reason, i'll continue to ignore the ones who try to make my life miserable.

    Fin de l'histoire :-)
  • LevelThePlayingField
    You no doubt have your reasons for doing so. I think those sisters are getting a little of their own treatment and they don't like it. But now they know how it feels. Shoe's on the other foot now...
  • Esmeralda001
    i'm not shunning the sisters as an act of revange or out of spite. I behave that way mainly because I seek peace. I'm sick and tired of overanalyzing the sisters ugly ways. It affects my happyness. I don't carry any hate in my heart, and I believe in forgiveness. If they change their attitude (which I doubt they will), i'll change mine. Until then, These people are dead to me. No more drama.
  • Crazyguy
    Nice, that's the way they should be treated.
  • Divergent

    This is how they treat you now... just imagine how they would treat you after you are baptised!

    If you have more peace of mind now, imagine how much more peace of mind you would enjoy if you leave!

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, wise move.

    We all have the choice to avoid anyone or anything that causes us to lose our peace of mind, or who is a negative influence on our lives.

    Choose instead to associate with upbuilding people who bring out the best in you...

  • LostGeneration
    I'm not up to speed on your story, why are you going?
  • Oubliette
    If anyone ever told me to "fix my attitude" I'd have told them to mind their own fucking business
  • talesin

    Just like at work. Tolerate the troublemakers when you *must* be around them, and avoid them when possible.

    Tres bien! :D

  • fulano
    It's all love and peace in the congregation.

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