Update 8: "fix your attitude, young lady"

by Esmeralda001 23 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Giordano

    Based on your own words you are looking for an improved lifestyle spiritually and morally. Esmeralda you can do so much better then this high control religion. Why don't you look around your community and attend a few different churches........ I'd encourage you to visit a church that has a women pastor just to try it on instead of a male dominate church.

    Unitarian Universalism is somewhat unique. Followers of Universal Unitarianism are united not by a single creed, as in most religions, but instead a quest for spiritual growth. Members believe that this growth is the end goal, rather than obedience to a religious code. Due to the open nature of Universal Unitarianism, the religion incorporates ideas from many different religions and philosophies.

    The word “Unitarian” in the title of the religion refers to an early core belief in the singular personhood of God. This was a rejection of the Catholic belief in the Holy Trinity- the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost- postulating instead the existence of a single God figure. The second word in the name, Universalism, refers to a belief that all souls are essentially saved. That is, Universalism rejects any belief in an everlasting Hell. Modern Unitarian Universalists, meanwhile, do not necessarily hold the beliefs historically associated with the religion. Followers are free to believe whatever they choose spiritually, and so even atheists are accepted into the fold.


  • BluesBrother

    I can find no good reason why a young person with no family connection within would benefit from dedicating themselves to this religion :

    They claim to be Jehovah's witnesses , but they do not speak for him.

    They call it "The Truth" , but it isn't

    They offer Christian love and brotherhood but you have already found that to be untrue.

    NB if an elder really said to you what is in the thread title...it would be a long time before they would sanction your baptism.

  • Esmeralda001
    It is my study conductor who said this to me, not an elder.
  • Esmeralda001
    I would live, but things aren't that simple. I don't expect you to understand my situation as it is quite complex. Thank you for your advice.

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