Proof they are not a cult??

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  • Saethydd

    To those of you criticizing the OP, I just wanted to point out that the OP doesn't agree with the list, they just copied it from Facebook and even said that they didn't find anything on the list that proves the WT isn't a cult.

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    Hey, sorry, I have been busy! Yeah, I thought it was ridiculous... Something my mom shared on Facebook. I agree that they don't understand what a cult is! I am not sure how this was a trolling thing, just thought you'd all get a laugh like I did!!

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    You forgot few other proofs:

    1. They (JW's) don't include the word "Cult" in their name
    2. They don't believe they are a cult
    3. Their magazines never has stated that they are a cult
    4. In all speeches that I have heard the speaker never called the org. a cult
    5. Parents never teach their children that they are in a cult
    6. When they preach, they never introduce themselves as members of a cult.
    7. When they get baptized they are not told that they are being introduced into a cult
    8. When they pray they never say they are in a cult.
    9. When they talk to other people, even informally, they never say they are in a cult.
    10. .....on and on

    THEY ARE NOT A CULT!! Why didn't I see it before??/

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    If you have someone you know that's a JWS and they are trying to indoctrinate you, consider passing on through a e-mail those probable signs of what constitutes a cult, it may just awaken them.

    ........and finally

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