It's hard being bisexual and being a jw

by Sally fields 27 Replies latest social relationships

  • scratchme1010
    I've been bi for a long time but i know it's wrong if you want to be a jw...

    It's hard being any kind of anything other than what they expect and tell you to be. That goes with sexuality, health care decisions, marriage, social events, career, possessions, the list is endless. Sexuality is one of the many ways in which they want to control their people.

    I understand not having a healthy way of expressing your sexuality being a severe stressor, but I wonder if that's the only thing from that organization that bothers you.

  • SaintPeerBarberMeyer

    Yes I know how you feel. I am a Nazi and JW and I cannot possibly tell you how I feel.

  • lrkr

    Sally, you said, "Yeah i do . Like I believe the bible prophecies are probably true and the history aspects ."

    Look a little deeper. Read books by Bart Ehrman, Ray Franz, carl orloff Johnnson, etc

    Start with "Age of Reason by Thomas Paine. Here's a link:

    There is no reason to be conflicted. The "prophecies and history " aren't true!

  • SaintPeerBarberMeyer

    Are you referring to me? Are you twising my words? Are you allowing yourself to lie to me justifying your deceptive conduct to others, and yet call me out for my yes being misconstrued as a possible? If you answered yes to any but the first of the questions then you are almost certainly a witness.

  • DesirousOfChange

    "It's hard being bisexual and being a jw" [and never being able to act on the feelings.]

    I read this OP some time ago and didn't think much about it. Today, I re-read it and thought it was kind of ironic or a bit of a double entendre.

    Sorry. 50,000 unemployed comedians and . . . . . Forget it. I'll just go make some more coffee.

  • ttdtt

    Good for you - have as much fun as you can having sex with men and woman and forget JW world.

  • samira_underwater

    hi there. i relate to this post immensely. it's interesting you mentioned you feel like being a JW is "what you're supposed to do." that's precisely how cults work - develop a phobia of leaving the organization, and they intentionally make you believe everything they teach is always right while others are wrong. it's a hard pill to swallow, i know. however, i sincerely hope you come to a conclusion on your own whether or not you wish to stay a JW.

    on the topic of being bisexual... i had the wonderful opportunity to be in a relationship with a sister in my hall (we're both currently living "a double life") and we've kept it hidden quite well thus far. it's much more fun being open and unashamed, though. if i had the opportunity, i'd gladly be out and proud.

    best of luck to however you end up, and i hope your decisions lead you to real happiness

  • Simon

    I think you only imagine you can be both. You clearly cannot.

    I don't understand someone who feels they are one thing deciding they want to belong to a group that believes those things are sinful.

    Being yourself. Being a JW. Being happy - Pick two.

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