Do you still talk to the dubs?

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  • OnTheWayOut

    I avoid the dubs except for relatives, and we have a pretty standard understanding that we don't talk dub stuff.

    I made early attempts to free some family members and it wasn't working. It's more important to me to maintain communication now.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Before Covid, I would look for JWs to talk to. on Saturday mornings. Started a study with two Witnesses; one claimed to be an elder. We met about six times, twice at the kingdom hall because they thought I would be somewhat intimidated by the location. Just berfore Covid I had an elder and a female Witness come to my home for a study. The female had already visited a week before and arranged for the elder to come. We discussed interpretive abuse i.e., the distinction between exegesis and eisegesis. They never came back...since their entire religion is based on the latter

  • WTWizard

    I rarely see them, and when I do, they always try hounding me to return to boasting sessions, even trying to commit me to making one. Little do they know, I will start telling them (in German) that the whole bible is full of lies (not mistakes, lies), the whole religion deliberately goes against nature, and that I will not go back to believing any of the rubbish. Since they do not know the German words for "apostate", "idolatry", or "repentance", I doubt they will get very far.

  • Vidiot

    My old mom is still in, so yeah.

    They all know my family and I are inactive, but most everybody's polite.

  • Phizzy

    I really don't go out of my way to talk to them, why would I ? I have nothing in common with them anymore. If they made any effort, if I came across one somewhere, I would be polite, but keep it as short as possible, if they prefer to pretend they haven't seen me,, that suits me even better.

    It will interest me to see what happens in the future. I faded, so was not DF'd. I did not DA, but something changed a few months back, a relative phoned me about "family business" and took the opportunity to let me know that something I had written on Social Media, heck knows what, that meant he did not want me to ever be seen going to his house. Strange, I never went to his house anyway, nor did he ever come to mine, even in the decade before I left !

    What I write in various places on Social Media is always the Truth, so it just shows that in the famous words of The Movie, we should shout this at them " You can't handle the Truth!".

    Image result for Image "you can't Handle the Truth!". Size: 146 x 101. Source:

    My most outspoken Posts are against the Paedophilia Scandal that the JW Org has never dealt with.

    But I'm not just sure if this sort of " shunning" the relative spoke of just applies to him, or is it the JW's in general who knew me too ? I shall find out when , one day, I run in to one, if they really scuttle off, I shall know. If they talk, I shall ask, I cannot think though that an actual Announcement has been made about me, they would surely have to inform me ? But I reckon to all my JW family I am now Persona Non Grata, as the relative in question is kind of the Capo. Interesting.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I talk to JW family. I am not DF'ed and occasionally talk shortly with my wife's friends. For the most part, we agree to avoid JW subjects. My mother breaks the agreement once in awhile.

    But I lost all my own JW friends, and that's okay. I would have long ago gotten tired of treading lightly.

    As for my wife's friends, I am occasionally invited to "fellowship" with them. I always decline. I have told my wife that as long as I don't "fellowship," the elders don't see a reason to "disfellowship."

  • Simon
    They only come round here maybe once every 2 - 3 years, but when they do I like to ask them difficult questions that I know they'll struggle to answer (but with a smile, not in a nasty way).
  • vienne

    I like my witness relatives I'm welcome in their homes. I happily debate scripture. I baby sit their children sometimes. Yes, I talk to Witnesses. My mom never turned one away, and I don't either. Most are good people, and while I disagree doctrinally, I see most Witnesses as earnest Christians.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I’ll talk to JW‘s that we meet in public or out events where we both happen to be invited. And since we are not DFd and seen as only “spiritually weak and inactive”, most we’ll chat with us at least a little. I make a point to reassure them that life is great. No moaning. No whining. Just living life to the fullest. If and when it seems like the appropriate opportunity I might say something to plant a little seed of doubt.

  • mrquik

    I have a lot of fun as I have moved & they don't recognize me. I tell them I used to study with my aunt but had some differences of opinion with the religion. Of course they ask what differences. I start with the "generation" whereby Jesus view of a generation differed with theirs. I ask them if they are "'footstep" followers and if so why have they deviated from his teaching. After that, I go into birthdays, holidays, their flip flopping doctrines. By then, they're anxious to leave.....

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