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  • steve2

    Sometimes I have expressed a longing for JW organization to tone down its rhetoric and become, well, nicer and more loving. I have not been alone in my hope.

    Some posters have even said that if a wave of kindness washed over JW organization and, say, the shunning doctrine was modified (e.g., left up to the individual's conscience without fear of retribution from elders), they'd go back. I would never do that - but I so get where those posters are coming from.

    But wait! If the organization toned down its rhetoric, wouldn't it be even harder for still-active JWs to wake up to the lunacy??

    In a paradoxical way, we need JW organization to become even more rant-ridden, reactive and fantastical in its teachings.

    We should be crying, Bring on the harshness, brothers! Please don't let up!

    This is a beginning list of what we need:

    • more JW org videos glorifying JW parents refusing to answer the phone call from their disfellowshipped children.
    • more JW parents paraded on convention platforms telling the audience, "I've told my children that, while I love them, if they drop Jehovah, I will drop them."
    • more exposure to Lett's lectures in which he points his fancy pointer at superficially impressive charts as he illogically weaves a web of arid nonsense around the 1914 overlapping generation
    • the organization to become even more brazen in its kingdom hall grabs and guilt-trippings for money
    • more Bethelites dumped - way more. Out on the street within days of being served notice, I say!
    • more JWs who forgo education passed over for service advancement in the organization by those who have had the nerve to ignore warnings and have got college educations and trade certificates
    • fewer and fewer magazine issues (I won't be satisfied until magazines are 4 pages in length)
    • more and more JW kids baptized younger and younger - as this is usually the first step to waking up the kids
    • Ditch the brag-filled, self-praising Yearbook...oh good: they've done that. Well done. Every little cut back helps.

    Softly, softly, has never been the way of JW organization anyway. Think Rutherford 90-odd years ago and his booming sarcastic, hateful monologues.

    So, again and again, I entreat you JW organization: DON"T let up the stupidty. Keep it coming thick and fast.

    Yes, we know it hurts people something terrible - but the other side is hopeful: GB harshness wakes people up and, even if they do not leave immediately, once they've been burned by JW organization, they will never be the same "Yes" men or women ever again..

    Bring on the harshness, brothers. By this all will know that you are indeed a cult.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Totally agree. The more they push, the more the reasonable ones start to question. I know many that have privately discussed their discomfort with the harshness with me. My wife said that the number one thing that convinced her that they don't have the "truth" is the hatred they show. Bring it boys

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad want want hatred from the bitch, Mother...WTBTS!

    Ask and ye shall receive!

    Just in this past Sunday's Watchtower study of the October 2017 magazine (Title: "The Truth Brings, Not Peace, But A Sword") page 16 paragraph 19, the GB demand the following:

    "...we must avoid normal contact with a disfellowshipped family member by telephone, text messsages, letters, e-mails, or social media."

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Oh, by the way, for you JW apologists, to avoid any confusion...Bitch, Mother, WTBTS and the GB are all and the same thing!

  • Magnum

    I totally agree. I want it to keep coming thick and fast, too. I'm hoping that it will move some of my JW family and acquaintances to see the light (the real light, not the JW "light").


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    Tune goin thru my head.


    Just listening to The Offspring. Sorry did I just post something.

  • stuckinarut2


    Yes, bring it all on!

    More tightpants style rants too please! More homophobic rants....If that stuff doesn't scream lunacy, then nothing does...

  • Finkelstein

    Since the WTS activities are openly exposed pointing out its corruption as a religious publishing house. its no wonder or it should be expected that the GB would be harsher in protecting the organization from the top down.

  • venus

    No leadership is possible without people consenting to be led. JW leadership exists because of its followers. And both are blind as to see the problem with the Bible which contains both verses against shunning and verses supporting shunning (just like it contains verses for and against trinity, soul’s immortality, Son’s godship, God’s Kingdom within and without …)

    My own twin sister is a zealous Witness, and I know her nature so well that I would say she deserves to be in the JW org.

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