A Field Service that gave a shock to the CO

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  • Ireneus

    During one CO visit to our congregation, I was asked to work with CO as I was a new Publisher. After some ordinary visits, we entered a house where there was only a lady who proved be well-educated. Though it was my turn, I told CO to present the good news. He never knew this would be a case he could not swallow.

    When he concluded saying “….. thus doing God’s will only makes us really happy.”

    She said: “I am sorry that I have to disagree with you on two counts.

    First, I am not seeking happiness; but I am seeking a meaning to my life. Second, if it is God’s will that makes us really happy; why has He not communicated to us with clarity ‘what His will is.’ Using other humans like you cannot be His way because after you leave, someone else can come and say different thing.”

    CO: “To answer your question, we need more time (which she agreed to). Thus CO explained Issue of Sovereignty and concluded saying ‘thus doing God’s will means to give an answer to Satan’s taunt.’

    She laughed and said: “That means we have to help God to come out of the problem He finds Himself in. This can’t be. Even if this is true, what is left for our happiness once this issue is solved? Were not His creations happy before this issue came up? These are all beliefs, and beliefs are just thoughts which can be changed at any time. You and your beliefs are two different things. You are right when you believe this glass is half empty and I am also right when I believe this glass is half full. Hence I am not interested in listening to the beliefs of others. I have observed some humans are more than humans in their behavior; some are less than humans and others are mixed in those qualities in varying degrees; and I also make it point to see how they are all faring with their choices which give me a lesson to learn.”

    After coming out of that house CO was not in a mood to continue with the FS, so he said: ‘We will have some refreshment.’ While enjoying our Halo Top; I was telling myself ‘house-holder was more than refreshing to me than this ice-cream as her response sowed in me a seed of doubt which later grew into a big tree that cannot be uprooted.

  • Gorbatchov

    Great story, thanks!


  • Phizzy

    Thanks for the story ! I should imagine JW's will encounter more and more people exactly like that fine lady.

    People are getting better educated by the Internet and easier access to Books, and to opinion on-line via Social Media etc.

    Religious Bullshit now has a short shelf-life.

  • Phoebe

    Brilliant experience and one I will remember.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Fred Franztone
    Fred Franztone
    he said: 'We will have some refreshment.'

    Why do they talk like that, it makes them sound like a bunch of freaks. I always hated it when I was growing up in the religion

    Why can't they just be normal for one moment and say food like everyone else

  • Giordano

    An excellent story! I am sure most of us have encountered an intelligent person who left us wondering. In my case it was a black minister who engaged us at his front door. He had firm beliefs and was not buying into my pathetic JW arguments.

    Finally closing down the conversation he said. "Well..... the proof of the pudding is in the eating."

    And there it was.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Well done for remembering the details Irenaeus.

    I think that the ban on college education within the ranks of JWs is beginning to show. As the rest of the planet benefit from better schooling and because of that able to use critical thinking, JWs will remain stuck in the remedial class believing in magical solutions to mankind's problems.

    Given more time to shoot themselves in the foot if the cult lasts long enough, they will be laughed at as ignoramuses. It has never been cool to be ignorant as your CO found out!

  • blownaway

    funny, who schooled who? The internet is a big thing. Some not all JWs do look at critical things about the JWs on the web. This was not available pre late 90s as the internet was just getting going. Now there are so many books and web sites and forums you don't have to feel alone. The JWs used that to keep people in line. They are still trying but its not working as well as past years.

  • venus

    Thanks for sharing this!

    She is really great taking pride in who she is and remaining true to her core self—thus refusing to erode herself at the preaching of others. It seems she knew true happiness lies in loving and celebrating oneself, not in imitating others in their beliefs. I really liked what she said: I am not seeking happiness; but I am seeking a meaning to my lifewhich would automatically bring happiness.

  • Bugbear


    Thank you for a good story. I think the problems the JW-cult is facing today, comes from the lack of education. In most western countries and some Asian, people have higher education and are well informed thus making it almost impossible for the dubs to gain new members. JW,s can only obtain new members in countries were the education level is low. This however also makes their income from these countries very low. So the borg is slowly bleeding and will fade away

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