A Field Service that gave a shock to the CO

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  • scratchme1010

    After coming out of that house CO was not in a mood to continue with the FS, so he said: ‘We will have some refreshment.’ While enjoying our Halo Top; I was telling myself ‘house-holder was more than refreshing to me than this ice-cream as her response sowed in me a seed of doubt which later grew into a big tree that cannot be uprooted.

    He has to feel very defeated. Not only he was proven wrong, but JWs are supposed to look up to them.

  • fulano

    "We will have some refreshment"... What's that? Grab a couple of pints?

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    Haha! That lady sent the CO running with his tail between his legs!!!

  • steve2

    Yes, JWs are so ill-equipped to converse with knowledgeable householders.

    Their kingdom hall "demonstrations" of encountering householders are always so damn simplistic portraying householders as illing to listen and so agreeable.

    JWs "success" in their door-to-door work depends on householder ignorance.

  • _Morpheus

    Sigh... am i the only one who doubts this story?

  • JakeM2012

    I never found happiness going to the meetings or service.

  • sparrowdown

    "We will have some refreshment" lol.

    Was the CO from 1876?

  • sparrowdown

    Was it a "shock" the CO suffered or an "attack of the vapors" maybe he needed some "snuff" administered forthwith!

    Sorry but lol.

  • redvip2000
    Thus CO explained Issue of Sovereignty and concluded saying ‘thus doing God’s will means to give an answer to Satan’s taunt.’

    This never really made sense to me. So Satan raises the question that humans don't need God to live good lives. God then allows for a period of time to prove this.

    And what does Satan do? He promotes wickedness, disease, crime, and all that is evil? Why? How does this make any sense?

    The only thing that would make sense in light of this question, would be for Satan to do whatever he could to ensure mankind was happy and productive and fruitful. Only then, could be go back to Jellohoba, and say "I told you so"....and all of the angels could say .." Hey, that Satan was right. Humans don't need God."

    This entire concept of the sovereignty question is bogus, and a load of nonsense.

  • Ireneus


    That is a very valid point! If Issue of Sovereignty were real, the natural course for “Satan was to do whatever he could to ensure mankind was happy.”

    Yet we find Satan doing whatever he can to ensure mankind is not happy fomenting divisiveness, spilling oceans of blood, widening gap between the poor and the rich …. etc. which means He is only serving the interest of God on the issue of sovereignty. This is something Satan cannot do because his very name means ‘one who resists.’

    That means Issue of Sovereignty does not even qualify to be a joke!

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