The worst gift of Christmas

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  • GrreatTeacher

    Everybody gets one, the gift that stared up at you hopefully from its beautiful wrapping, and then, like a deflated balloon, delivers the worst gift ever.

    I'm not talking about the gifts from small children like the "Greatest Aunt" coffee mug or the red and black lace folding fan. Surely you never would have chosen them for yourself, but it's the thought that counts from small people who love you.

    Then, there's the what the hell were they thinking gifts. My mother-in-law has been giving these a lot lately. We got a glass platter back painted with "Merry Christmas Y'all! This is not the way people speak around here, so?

    However, the worst gift of Christmas this year with a mismatch between what a grandparent might give a teenage grandson and what said teenage grandson might like was given to my son by his grnadmother. It was in a big box, carefully taped, and when it was finally opened, my son had his very own, brand new BATH MAT! Yes, it was green and fuzzy and one would normally put it at the edge of the tub for stepping out of the tub with wet feet. However, grandmother thought that since my son often runs around the house with a fuzzy blanket or throw around his shoulders (we keep the house chilly) that he would now need something warm and fuzzy to sit on. So, he should place the fuzzy bath mat on his computer chair and then wrap his fuzzy blanket around his body for maximum warmth, and, so, he would not get hypothermic in our chilly house ( So, sue me. 68° is warm enough.)

    Have you ever just gotten a really bad gift, poorly thought out and not at all appropriate from the giver?

    What was the worst gift this Christmas? And are you taking it back?

    (the cat has comandeered the fuzzy bath mat, so no hopes of returning it for something different)

  • NeverKnew
    I think my family was doing an ugly slipper contest without my knowledge. 😒
  • talesin

    It wasn't this year; it was many years ago. But still, I think, WORST gift, ever!

    I was 22, only married a few months. Had never celebrated the holidays. It still felt 'disloyal' to my parents, and just plain weird, so no gifts, please. So I told my MIL that I would come over after they unwrapped gifts, to help prepare the Xmas dinner, etc. We had spent Xmas Eve there. too. Specifically, I had told the in-laws from the get-go --- I did not want a gift.

    Well, MIL did not like me. and was determined to have her way, so when I arrived, there was a gift all right. It was one of those "you're not gonna like it, but let's see you keep a smile on your face" moments. Remember that I was only 22, 'into' my clothes and makeup; you know, your average 1980s 20-something GIRL

    Here's what she gave me! My very own car model kit. What a biotch!

  • brandnew
    Mix matched, different size, one fuzzy, one plaid, slippers.
  • Diogenesister
    From a sister in law who was jealous of me/ empty sardine can...painted glossy use as an ashtray ( new young mum with tiny baby...didn't smoke)
  • hyacinth
    68 would be getting the warm side for me. In winter our house can be 55.... and I used to think 65 was cold inside.
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Popcorn tins. Candy boxes with candy I hated.

    Then there was my cousin who would ask me what I was giving someone for Christmas. As soon as Christmas came he gave that same person the same gift I did.

  • tornapart

    I've never had a 'worst' christmas present... being a JW all my life (until recently) they have been few and far between. But I've always treasured memories of the ones I've had, so for me it's the 'best'. As a child of about 6, a neighbour came round and gave me a 'stocking' full of chocolate bars and sweets and some warm fluffy mittens, over 60 years later I have never forgotten it. At school, age 12, my best school friend, knowing I didn't celebrate it and reciprocate her gift bought me a necklace and some perfume. I treasured it for years.

    I know my parents tried to make up for the lack of christmas presents by buying us gifts when they could and they were always treasured and I did the same for my own children, but those christmas gifts as a child felt quite special to me.

  • GrreatTeacher

    That is such a great story, tornapart. What a sweet friend. I remember when I was very small the neighbors brought me a stocking. My mother turned it down. :(

    Yes, "the worst Christmas gift" is an advanced concept, further along in the curriculum than you currently are.

    Maybe after 10 years or so...

  • Xanthippe
    A friend bought me an 'experience' gift of a two hour mother and daughter photo shoot one Christmas. I hate even having my photo taken. 😕

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