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  • Drearyweather

    Yesterday my sister prepared some samosas (deep fried indian snack which are triangle shaped and almost resembles the pyramids). I'm now thinking whether she has some connections with freemasons.

  • MrHappy

    Thanks for your thoughts. I would say that design does not just happen. Someone has put quite a bit of thought into this and it would have had to pass the GB selection panel. Whilst i don't for one minute suggest anything negative about freemasonry I do think that the use of a symbol closely related to the pyramid and masonic symbology by the Watchtower would be something strange; if this is the case. Or it may be just a boring design. I am not so sure.

  • sparky1

    To me, it looks like a 'childish' or childlike copy of Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie Style. Just someone in Watchtowers design department trying to appear cool, sophisticated and 'hip'.

  • punkofnice
    Sparkster - Just someone in Watchtowers design department trying to appear cool, sophisticated and 'hip'.

    They failed badly, methinks.

  • Wasanelder Once
  • pale.emperor

    It looks nothing like the masonic compass and square.

    And why would the Watchtower go to the trouble to deliberately leave clues even if they were?

  • MrHappy

    No it looks nothing like the square and compass - lol!

  • pale.emperor

    No it looks nothing like the square and compass - lol!

    They're two completely different symbols. The masonic square an compass creates a small square shape in the middle with overlapping lines.

    It looks more like a Domino's Pizza logo if you ask me, but i wouldn't go around suggesting the watchtower society is secretly feeding the members pizza.

  • punkofnice

    I think the idea of Masonic symbols in their logos is reading a bit much into things. As I admit, we humans, including myself do, from time to time.

    This was a bit weird but could well be coincidence.....Denmark Jobo a$$embĀ£y place.

    Image result for denmark jehovah masonic

    So. If the awful jobo design is based on a Masonic symbol (and there are more than you think that are of much greater significance, none of which I see in WBT$ crap), what of it? What do you think it would mean in real terms?

  • Hanged Man
    Hanged Man

    The compass and square are again....the two forces in nature......the male and female.....positive and negative.

    Look again at the symbol....the compass is the male/positive kabbalah this is called the pillar of is our left brain that controls the right side of the body.

    The square below it is the female/negative dark kabbalah this is called the pillar of severity.

    In the temple of Solomon...the two pillars represent the same thing....Jachin is the male (+) force and Boaz the female negative force (-).....

    The male force (compass) is on top of the square....the square is the female with her legs wide open....and when the two forces come together....things happen......things generate!....the letter "G" stands for generation among many other geometry,GAOTU etc etc.

    It isn't isn't isn't is nature and how things get done.

    As said before.....JW's unknowingly acknowledge these two forces at the memorial...the sun is the male/positive force and the moon represents the female/negative force.

    At the spring equinox the sun has passed over the equator (passover) but yet has to wait for his bride to appear fully adorned in white for him....the moon has no light in itself....she only reflects the light of her returning husbandly owner....again......this is the wedding feast of Cana....this is the holy marriage...the hieros gamos.

    When those two forces come together (in the northern hemisphere).....the barren earth comes back to life.

    Think of the fairy tales where the princess gets her finger pricked with a needle (the sign of Scorpio....the kiss of Judas....the kiss of the scorpion)....the princess (earth/female force) then falls asleep (winter).....however when the prince (sun) arrives....he kisses her and she "awakens"....this is also the same scenario as Christians and witnesses are celebrating at is the spring equinox and the return of light to the barren earth....bringing it back to life.

    Punky,if you were a are well aware of the story of Hiram Abiff....aka the sun.

    Hiram Abiff is accosted and killed by three ruffians....Jubela,Jubelo and Jubelum......these represent (again among many other things) the three autumn months/signs of the zodiac (Libra,Scorpio and Sagittarius)......who bring to an end the reign of the sun as it nears the end of its cycle at the winter solstice.

    Hiram is brought back to life and raised up by the grip of the lions paw (the lion is the sign of Leo) the northern hemisphere the sign of Leo is the hottest part of the year....the sun "roars" as it sits on its throne with its lions mane (rays).

    In heraldry that is why you have a unicorn and a lion.....this represents the sun in its the zodiac sign of cancer (ruled by the moon)....and Leo...(ruled by the sun)...the unicorn and lion. (The empire where the sun never sets). Also why there are unicorns in the bible.....look at all the references to unicorns and it is about it's strength....of course it would be....the sun is in its strength up at the tropic of Cancer.

    Cancer is also the reason for Elijah and the chariot story....(the summer solstice)...while his baldy companion Elisha is connected to the winter solstice.......go check for yourself.....apply this thinking to Jacob and Esau and a thousand other tales (Saul/David etc) you will see for is ALL about the forces of nature put into amazing stories.

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