Is A Major Restructuring At Warwick In The Works Due To Years Of Governing Body Ignorance & Delusion?

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  • LV101

    LOL re/SS W/T ship -- good summary Half banana but I think they've preached last days few too many decades yet their hardliners will march to it.

    Nightmare stage (sounds hopeful) -- what about the 2-2.5 billion in assets in one corporation alone - or not?! Sorry to be a skeptic but seems they've always begged and cried the end and buying/flipping real estate not half bad business although it will take many new, loyal, followers, to continue flipping coins their way.

  • zeb

    It will take a massive coup de ta and an overthrow of the gb to end the rule of the wt. This will need to be on the '6 pm news' over several nights with the gb being shown evicted from their palace and revelations of the money trail as well. This would shake the membership so a majority will dump the wt. It does not need all to see its income crashing and the money movers ever hovering move in for the kill.

    the results? an utterly diminished order where there will be no street witnessing no door knocking and the entire apparatus a silent minuscule order supported by the usual fanatics and older people that we have heard of so often on these pages. It would take an entire generation ( a real one) for this org to reinvent itself if it ever does or go the way of so many other religious orders from the American landscape.

  • Finkelstein

    There will be no change until the money severely runs out, the delusion of course is that their organization is being guided by god therefore the doctrines are valid and appropriate.

    The staid dont tell cover up agenda is now biting the WTS in the ass and the public is taking notice.

  • LV101

    Yes --cult would have to go bust/drained to nothing to be restructured/retooled and the JWs (hardliners&addicts) would try to resurrect it back to original form to once again feel extraordinarily good about themselves/special with god.

  • smiddy3

    It wouldn`t surprise me one bit if a coup was to take place some time in the future , surely the writing is on the wall as far as the existing GB are concerned .

    The Lawyers are not so stupid that they can`t see the trends taking place and its more likely that is where the shift will come from as they are privy to all the nitty gritty`s of what is going on in the organization , even more so than the actual GB members .

    Interesting times are still ahead for us to observe.

    Watch this space ,so to speak.

  • Gorbatchov

    I don’t see any sign of questioning the leadership in my JW family. The subjects are a no go talk about. I see just increase of loyality.

    New iis the reference to for news, they call it now “Breaking news”.

    “Did you read this on the news section?”.


  • joe134cd

    I think few would argue here that Wt cannot continue as a viable religion in its present form. I've always maintained that in 50 years time, it will be a mainly on line religion with most of the physicall assets sold. There will be perhaps 2-3 million subscribers who pay a nominal subscription fee to watch videos out of America.

  • zeb

    right on smiddy3

  • nowwhat?

    Wishful thinking. Everyone I know is still delusional as ever

  • Ding

    Speaking of legal liabilities, I'm surprised they haven't gotten "new light" on the two witness rule.

    After all, they got "new light" on such things as organ transplants and vaccinations when it got too risky and embarrassing to maintain their ban on them.

    If a lot of pedophiles were uncovered, they could always say it was Satan infiltrating Jehovah's organization with false brothers and how wonderful it is that they got "new light" that will combat all of this, proving how clean the organization really is, etc.... typical WT spin, in other words.

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