Is A Major Restructuring At Warwick In The Works Due To Years Of Governing Body Ignorance & Delusion?

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    The possible financial ruin to which Faithful & Discreet Slave/Governing Body has brought WT corporation, due to all the underhanded/illegal/thoughtless policies as G.O.D(Guardians Of Doctrine) seems to be a very real possibility, as court cases mount against the WT and it's different corporations.

    Montana just gave a very clear $$$$30million+ shout out to WT, about it's fucked up policies, which lay at the feet of those in charge. It seems that some type of no confidence should be expressed and a complete over haul should be happening.

    They can not keep this information secret any more and they are totally delusional ass holes if they think they can talk their way out of this.

    Therefore I think we shall see some desperate measures to keep this fraudulent organization financially stable and a removal from power those responsible for the mess.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    The org will continue making sacrifices in the new year - and for the foreseeable future.

    Sacrificing Bethelites & Branch offices, sacrificing Kingdom Halls, and sacrificing mi££ion$ of donations to paedophile victims and lawyers.

    2019 is not going to bring any "good news" TM for the cult. It's become a house of cards.

  • LV101

    TFG - I appreciate your perspective and wish I was as confident.

    I'm sure the many professionals have taken strategic measures to keep them floating -- hope I'm wrong!

  • FedUpJW

    They can not keep this information secret any more.

    They will try, and when it does keep coming out they will continue to brand it Satanic and apostate propaganda that all "good" JDub's will avoid while plugging their ears to the real facts.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    LV101: I'm sure that many professionals have taken strategic measures to keep them floating --

    Add those very expensive professionals to their already very high fixed overhead output of money...adds new meaning to 'draining the swamp'!

  • Vidiot
    Brokeback WT - "...They cannot keep this information secret any more and they are totally delusional ass holes if they think they can talk their way out of this..."

    Personally, I suspect that they're just crossing their fingers and hoping that the Big A drops soon and bails 'em all out.

    Hell, all this shit probably "proves" to them that it's about to happen.

  • LV101

    Re 'draining the swamp' above I was thinking the same thing and wondering why are JWs so complacent -- they're brainwashed but so many are scratching their heads yet they don't stand up and rebel -- too asleep, I guess.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I'm sure the Governing Body and their "Helpers" are crossing their fingers and hoping for Armageddon to save them, but the majority of higher ups both in legal and writing, must be thinking something about a take over from the mental tyranny of these delusional clowns.

    BTW I'm sure that these Governing Body are so devoid of any real personality that good relationships with anybody there at headquarters are few and far between and dwindling. The organizational yes men might even be limiting their exposure to these guys because they are not in any ass kissing mood now that things have degenerated this far under their leadership.

    GB might become even more isolated as things get worse the more their incompetence becomes known to their immediate social structure. Which I think could spark a wrestle for power and control.

    Taking away the locus of control from these ego maniacs has become very evident to many with all these lawsuits with heavy punitive damages awards. I see a surrender of power by these assholes, or else a removal from power.

    I would also imagine that the grapevine there at headquarters must be operational and the majority already know, and I don't think they will ever have any successful witch for defectors because their reputation is so bad there, I'm sure all these bunker videos and shunning videos have imprinted on the mind of many there at headquarters that these guys are nuts and need to be knocked out of power.

  • Vidiot
    Brokeback WT - "...GB might become even more isolated as things get worse..."

    Which virtually guarantees that they'll make even weirder, more extremist, and - I expect - disastrous decisions...

    What do they call it? The "nightmare stage" of wishful thinking?

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    About five or six years ago it became apparent that the GB were rattled.

    The self image as an invincible, ever advancing fundamentalist, bible-based religion was under threat.

    The GB had not realised their financial potential and elevated status which they had hoped for in going all out for a confident hierarchical religion like the Roman Catholic Church which does not try to justify or defend its beliefs. They wanted obedience and loyalty but gave no evidence for deserving to be treated in this manner. Had there been miraculous predictions fulfilled, as the followers were led to believe, the faithful may have remained.

    Going off the gold standard of printing and selling literature meant a drop in income. This followed another existential crash: the utter failure of the promise of Armageddon before the end of the generation of 1914. The JW organisation had been proved to be a fraud.The laughable response to this fiasco was, "Yes but you see, when Jesus said "generation" he meant an overlapping generation." And bang go another million true believers.

    As the hearts of JWs are no longer confident in the words and propaganda from HQ-- so the contributions must have dried up.Then to make matters worse the child abuse scandals and very heavy fines started and increase in number.

    It's natural justice; a cult can only last so long manipulating its followers and keeping them deliberately in the dark. To cap it all the universal availability of the internet has now shone light where no light shone before, as in the world of cults-- thank goodness.

    Yep! The GB have gone from being rattled to extremely worried, and now I think they must soon be approaching (as you say Vidiot) the nightmare stage. The ship SS Watchtower is sinking. The GB response, whilst stealthily trying to secure seats for themselves in the life boats, will be solemnly telling the faithful that the last days have actually arrived and they must at all cost increase their efforts in the life-saving preaching work. (But don't look in the direction of Warwick 'cos you are on your own now).

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