Went to the KH a few days ago.

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  • nowawake14

    I actually visited the KH a few days ago. I just needed to see some friends. I hadn't been in months. It actually was enjoyable talking to some people, although I don't know what I really believe about this org anymore.

    I try to keep my activity as low as possible, just to keep the stress down. Routine sucks. I bet you PIMOs think the same at times. I'm actually a 1 percent JW lol. I don't think like one, don't act like one, but I think its still nice to visit the KH and talk to some people when you get stir-crazy.

    And some of us are PIMO and don't just unreasonably walk away becuase we have our friends here and there. ;)

  • jookbeard

    they'll be a time when you will walk out of that KH and never go back its been 26 years for me and I dont regret one single stupid meeting that I missed

  • Phizzy

    It's your choice to do whatever makes you feel good, and knowing as you do that you can just not go when you don't want to takes off any pressure.

    It is not for everybody though, some find it impossible, for a number of different reasons, to attend a K.H.

    Personally I value what little time I have left alive too much to waste any of it.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Visiting just to see old friends is understandable - perhaps even beneficial for a little while.

    As far as attending a KH for "spiritual food" goes, I think of the scripture which says something about a dog returning to its vomit.

  • blondie

    Eventually, if not attending or participating regularly, one can become labeled as bad or questionable association and many friends will drop by the wayside. A few might remain, maybe one. You will no longer be viewed as a friend but merely as an associate per the WTS.


    Also, by closely guarding your children’s association and selecting for them associates showing spiritual “strong conviction,” you will enhance your efforts. Nothing can destroy your work faster than bad associates for them​—even if these are found within the Christian congregation. Such bad associates can ruin your child’s spirituality and cause a generation gap.​—Prov. 13:20; Jude 3, 4, 12, 16, 19.

  • nowawake14
    I just tune out the "talks" and daydream. The only reason I went to the hall growing up was to socialize 😃
  • Finkelstein

    There are lot people who partially believe in what the WTS teaches/preaches but the social environment is also a good part and when its considered that being a JWS you are not suppose to have close non jws friends this pushes people further to attach themselves to the Org.

  • pale.emperor

    I'll never set foot in a KH again in my life.

    Not even for a funeral.

    I find JWs just wierd now that I'm out and a happy critical thinker.

  • nicolaou

    How's your life outside of the Kingdom Hall? Have you managed to make new friends? Don't let the cult be your comfort blanket, they may smother you with it.

    All the best to you.

  • Tameria2001

    It's been 18 years for me. I even refused to go to two different funerals because that was where they were held. The last time my husband tried to push it, and I went into full panic mode, which is something I never ever do. When I made the decision to leave, that was it for me. I'm one of those individuals who won't stick around if they don't believe in something or is lied to, no matter the cost.

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