Confirmed: CO Discourages Zoom

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  • Hellothere

    I can confirm they been discouraging Zoom for over a year now. Even a former GB member (we all know who 😊 yeah the one that disappeared like smoke) gave talk about it JW broadcasting. I can also confirm that many JWs don't seem to care what GB thinks about Zoom, they gonna still continue attending tru zoom. If GB hade any kind of common sense they wouldn't provoke rank and file removing Zoom. Think lot's of JWs are on their last breath ( both literally and in their patience with org) . Removing Zoom gonna affect org very negative.

  • HiddlesWife

    A PIMO relative told me that a number of NYC congs will not be able to view the upcoming RCs via ZOOM. Congs in other states (such as VA, WVA, NC, SC, GA, FL, LA, TN, etc.) will be provided this platform (with special ID#s and passcodes) for those who cannot attend in person. However, my relative related that her elduhs and elduhs from other dubs who she is friends with in other NYC congs are encouraging members--regardless of their physical/ medical, financial, or secular statuses--to travel to the CAHs where the RCs are usually held. After "giving a piece of her mind" to her elduhs about this, one of them (who she gets along with) called her back a couple of days ago to tell her that he will try to see if there is another way she can view the RC.

    WT is more than likely doing this so that their followers and off-the-street visitors can DONATE when they cry out for contributions! This is the usual $$$$$GRAB technique, particularly since the cultporation has not received plenty of funds during the pandemic! #SHIESTYAF!

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Yes. More bodies in KH seats, more contribution boxes in plain sight by attendees.

    Conspicuously placed near entrances and washrooms so you can't miss them. The Borg has to get back on track since the pandemic of 3 years has ran the contribution boxes dry.

  • careful
    More bodies in KH seats, more contribution boxes in plain sight by attendees.

    You got it!

  • Journeyman

    I can't comment about the US, but in the UK (and possibly on continental Europe) I think the insistence on people attending RCs or CAs in person is less about contributions now.

    They're increasingly encouraging attendees to contribute online and electronically - in fact there have not been any cash donation points at assemblies and conventions here for some time now. This is because charities get an extra 25% called GiftAid from the UK government based on the tax status of the donor, which is easier to process and claim via electronic payments linked to the payee.

    I suspect the push to get congregation members back in person is more about control than money. As several on this forum have admitted, it's far easier to put the Zoom meeting on in the background, keep your camera off and just do something else. No need to dress up and make any other effort either. To everyone else, you appear to be "attending" the meeting.

    But to attend in person, you have to do all that's expected of you: smart suit or dress, pack your electronic device with JW apps, travel to the venue, sit down and follow the programme, meet and greet all the bros and sisters - and any attempt to step out of line is easily spotted.

    The other factor influencing the insistence on returning in person is that other essential for JW life: appearance. The RCs and CAs have to look good, so the org can talk about how well-attended and "encouraging" it all is. Big gaps in seating and wide open spaces in aisles and concourses don't look so good!

  • Fisherman

    is more about control than money.

    I suppose there might be some zoomers that could be persuaded or forced to attend in person. But what to do with others that just won’t go in person, cut the lifeline?

  • blondie

    BOEs in a letter from the WTS said that BOEs have to submit a request to the CO to continue using Zoom, and he will be deciding whether or not to continue. Seems like the WTS is following through and have the CO "encourage" congregations to go back to in person meetings. Before Zoom, meetings were put live on phone calls, but jws had to be vetted to see if they "qualified" to have it, then were given a password to connect to the live sound. The password was not to be shared with anyone else, and was changed every month. I can see a version of this in using Zoom.

  • LongHairGal

    I’m sure this is mainly about them not getting enough donations in boxes (maybe some missing those green handshakes).. besides the near empty kingdom halls.

    It would be too bad for JWs if they got rid of Zoom. I just don’t see certain people being forced back due to health, etc. If they totally got rid of Zoom then maybe these people might get a Sunday meeting in once in a while. But that’s about it.

  • Hellothere

    To tell you the truth many JWs are at the end of their rope. Problems depression, anxiety, stress and poverty. How does a uneducated co decide who is sick or not to attend meetings? Bet suicides in JW land gonna go up and up.

    BOEs in a letter from the WTS said that BOEs have to submit a request to the CO to continue using Zoom, and he will be deciding whether or not to continue.

    Do we have a copy of this letter?

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