Why would Jehovah give Satan rulership of the World.?

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  • smiddy

    Here we might ask ourselves WHEN did Jehovah God give Satan rulership of the world ? Was it when he succeeded in fooling Adam & Eve ? or was it later when he influenced caleb to murder his brother ?

    If it wasn`t satan who entered into Caleb to murder his brother where did this thought come from?

    Throughout the Hebrew Scriptures / Old Testament there are numerous accounts where Satans influence is manifest in being involved in the outcomes in scripture.

    According to Christian interpretations of the Hebrew Scriptures / Old testament.

    Then we have the account of Job , obviously by this account Satan has already had access to people on earth coming and going as he pleases interferring with human activity.

    2 Cor .4:4 " the God of this system has blinded the unbelievers"

    So my point is Satan the Devil is already down here on earth thousands of years before the book of Revelation was even thought of.

    So what are we to make of all this information ?

    How do the JW Witnesses align Satan and his activities in Old Testament scriptures with his activities in the New testament scriptures .He is obviously involved in both .

    If Satan is already down here on earth since Adam And Eve and the Old Testament Scriptures and the New Testament clearly tell us he has done so for more more than 2000 years ago .

    The belief that Satan was cast down to the earth in 1914/1919 just flys out the window.

    As another failed prphecy .

  • Vidiot
    smiddy - "Why would Jehovah give Satan rulership of the World?"

    God: "So you think you can do better? Fine! It's all yours!"

    Satan: "Cool, thanks."

    Thousands of years later...

    God: "So, you screwed it up enough, yet?"

    Satan: "Well, actually, I kinda let them do their own thing... y'know, how a parent does when a kid grows up and moves out. So far, they're increasing their lifespan, eliminating prejudice and tribalism, advancing science... not too shabby, actually.

    God: "..."

  • megaboy

    I thought it was obvious that up until the ressurection, Satan had free access to the heavenly realm where he was accusing the brothers as he did with Job? And the end times started when the Son ascended the throne and kicked him out? So even within the first century it was considered the end times.

    What kind of stupidity is this 1914 joke?

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