Why would Jehovah give Satan rulership of the World.?

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  • prologos
    Satan was cast down to the Earth from heaven, causing terrible suffering for all here.

    Annon: yeah if he wanted to win the contest of winning votes, would he not have showered mankind with goodness instead, in his final sprint? may be it was the other contestant that caused all the havoc, like he did in Babel, and in the same region again today? bad scriptwriting in that made up drama.

  • evilApostate
    Annon: yeah if he wanted to win the contest of winning votes, would he not have showered mankind with goodness instead, in his final sprint? may be it was the other contestant that caused all the havoc, like he did in Babel, and in the same region again today? bad scriptwriting in that made up drama.

    Precisely. JWs teach that Jokehova is giving Satan a chance to prove that his rulership is better. Yet they also teach that he came down to earth in 1914 and began wreaking havoc in the world. This is so contradictory. Wouldn't he use his power/wisdom to help us rather than harm us?

    Another, hole in the logic is that there are many accounts in the bible where Jokehova intervenes (the flood etc). That is hardly giving Satan a chance.

  • scratchme1010

    So on the one hand Jehovah God / Christ Jesus are telling us that the ruler of the world is Satan the Devil and then on the other hand we are to be obedient to Satans system of things approved by Jehovah .?

    The entire concept of Satan to me is the biggest, most contrived stretch in the entire plot of the bible. Furthermore, I find that explaining Satan takes a lot more imagination and interpretation (red "making things up") to make it fit in this whole thing. Personally I believe less of its existence than that of the bible's "Jehovah".

    That is not to mention that throughout the bible, "god's" behavior seems more despicable and erratic that the methodical, planning, organized, driven and clear-about-his-plan behavior of Satan. Satan is a much better example of self-discipline.

    I wonder if that's why they have called me "Satan Worshiper".

  • nowwhat?

    Another flawed reasoning is Satan started ww1 to distract mankind from Jesus starting hi s kingship in1914. If he did start ww1, wouldn't it give creedance to this belief?

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    ...because Jehovah realized that he has been doing a lousy job; read the old testament. So he figured it couldn't get any worse if Satan took the reins, and Jehovah was right, things have gotten much better since he stepped aside.

  • Heaven

    Witness My Fury said: Because the imaginary sky daddy is a douche.

    Witness My Fury beat me to it.


    Jeehoober can read hearts, right? He's going to kill rebels in the New World the very nano-second that they sin in their heart.

    Why didn't Jeehoober know that "Satan" sinned in his heart? Instead, he "allowed" wickedness to corrupt his children in heaven, and then spread to the Earth.



  • WTWizard

    I have bad news for joke-hova. Satan has ruled the earth for close to 500,000 years. Then, joke-hova went and messed up the earth, destroying all records of how mankind was so much better off. Christi-SCAM-ity is pushed as enlightenment, when it is in fact slavery and communism. The period before Christi-SCAM-ity is viewed as a period before salvation was offered to anyone outside Israel and the immediate area (what if you lived in Europe or America during that period?).

    Not that joke-hova is allowing Satan to rule unfettered. Each time Satan is about to reinstate the Golden Age, joke-hova messes it up. And people were always worse off afterward. Right after Babel, the work of uniting people was replaced with the work of trying to pick up the pieces--hardly prosperity for anyone. Rome was doing well, and then Christi-SCAM-ity was forced down everyone's throat. People were much worse off during that period.

    And I will not leave Islam out, either. Islam has some of the most repressive policies seen today. Comparable to Christi-SCAM-ity back when the cat lick church had absolute rulership, Islam forces its viewpoints on people under death and torture threats. Women are treated as rubbish. Much time is wasted praying to allah, which is not much better than the time wasted praying to joke-hova or jesus. And, there is the issue of fasting during daylight hours--how do you manage that in very high latitudes when the sun is up almost 24 hours a day?

    I would like to be in a place legitimately ruled by Satan, without joke-hova meddling. If I could only get accepted by Satan Himself. That rulership would solve our issues. Big companies that make crap product, sell them at exorbitant prices, and then blame people for consuming so much would be put out of business, if not by competition, by force. Religions that hold back science would be busted up. You would get good products by good companies, and people would get paid fairly. Surviving off the land would be possible, not made illegal. And, people would get real help in managing their soul, not just told to let some jesus or joke-hova (or allah) scumbag worry about it.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Jehovah was bored to death, no entertainment back in those days only angelic singers and few harps. So Jehovah sent Satan to shake things up a little amusement, but things got out of hand and Joke-hova became jealous. End of story.

  • megaboy

    Apparently some "non-canon" - (which isn't really a valid label if you do research) scripts label this realm a prision, satan was sent here first. The garden was on a slightly different plane, when adam and eve were tricked their natures placed them in this realm under satans authority, requiring them to be redeemed from Satan.

    Witnesses believe a lot of stuff that screws up their ability to answer other questions. For example because they don't believe in hell, it screws up their ability to explain demons, which aren't angels but spirits of nephlim, because they aren't natural, they don't have a place to go after death, so they just dwell in this plane tormenting people waiting for their judgement.

    I've read a lot of other interesting stuff concerning old hebrew text about them, one in particular described one of them claiming that humans err when assuming that they are seeing flying stars. and that its actually the energy they create trying to get into the heavenly realm but exahusting themselves and falling back down to earth as a flame of energy. I think that same text I read mentions when they get close to the heavens they can hear certain decrees like when its time for someone to pass on and the like.

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