Why would Jehovah give Satan rulership of the World.?

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  • smiddy

    Romans 13 : 1-7 "Let every soul be in subjection to the superior authorities" etc,"the existing authourities stand placed in their relative positions by God" 2".Therefore he who opposers the authourity has taken a stand against the arrangement of God ,those who have taken a stand against it will recieve judgement to themselves "etc,etc,.."..to him who calls for honour such honour."

    Isnt this plainly stating that Christians should be supporting and playing along with the governments of this sytem of things ? That it is in fact an arrangement of God ? Vs 1 , 2.

    On the other hand we have the scriptures that state the God of this system of things is Satan the Devil ,2 Cor.4:4

    1 Joh.5:19

    So on the one hand Jehovah God / Christ Jesus are telling us that the ruler of the world is Satan the Devil and then on the other hand we are to be obedient to Satans system of things approved by Jehovah .?

  • schnell


    You'd think a violent and "just" god who loves violence would smack this accuser down. You'd really think so.

    I know the rationalization. We choose with our own free will to serve Jehovah and allow him to make a response to the one taunting him. K. Got it.

    But this is the god that killed a guy just for reaching out to catch the Ark of the Covenant.

    Edit: Oh, he hates violence, though. I forgot.

  • midnight

    So what happens at the end when everything is accomplished an angel pops up and says " they would have succeeded if you hadn't confused the languages at Babel ! " ?

    Would that be a reasonable point ?

  • blondie

    Actually the WTS flipflopped on this twice.

    Up until 1929 the superior authorities were considered to be the secular governments/authorities.

    From 1929 to 1962 the superior authorities were taught as being Jehovah and Jesus.

    From 1962 the WTS went back to the teaching that the superior authorities were the secular governments/authorities.

    So they were confused.



  • Hairtrigger

    Eve sinned and got a few hundred years to live. Adam did the same and got 800 odd. The perpetrator gets to carry on living AND is given the rulership of the world. Logic: "We cannot understand The Hobos logic we haven't yet been able to understand the functioning of our own bodies ...in his own time he will make all things clear""..

    Delusional comfort for a deluded mass hypnotized by a deluded cult of self righteous deluded leaders!

  • anointed1

    This only shows even Bible writers are in darkness as to why things are the way they are. If asked who is the ruler of the world, one would say God and others would say Satan. It is like asking what does red signal mean, and you hear some of traffic officials saying it means stop and others saying it means proceed.

  • Annon

    Some people believe Satan was cast down to the Earth from heaven, causing terrible suffering for all here.

    Why? Could he not be have been sent somewhere else? Jupiter, Mars or some other planet they did not know about in bible times. Or even a different Galaxy, it would have saved a lot of trouble.

  • schnell

    But no, the author of Revelation wrote, "Woe to the earth," so God was bound by that holy writ.

    Nothing about this makes any sense.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    you dont think all this jehovah--satan stuff might just be a man-made fairy story do you ?

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Because the imaginary sky daddy is a douche.

    Strangely until you wake up and realise you've been massively duped with at all this bible crap and that it was made up by ignorant men in an ignorant time and is still being pedalled by ignorant men or those with an agenda of power and greed all these millenniums later, you are unable to see that we really should have stopped believing this nonsense a very very long ago.

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