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  • truthseeker100

    Turkeys are magnificent birds! When they take off they fly straight up! Deer are like a lot of JW's they are just food for the likes of the GB. LOL A moose is a very interesting animal too. The only thing a moose fears is another moose!

    My greatest respect is for Polar Bears though. They don't take shit off of anyone all they want is seal meat and to raise their young! Kind of like us apostates. LOL

  • Diogenesister

    Polar bears hunt humans, I think they are the only animal that sees us food. My friends aunt had to shoot one once, it was way back in the 50's. She was alone in a smallish hut - was out with engineer husband who was away. Unfortunately it got wind of her and started taking her home apart. Once they have you that's it, they will keep going until they get you, she had no choice. It's funny when you see this sweet little old lady...she feels real regret but lived there for many years and knew she had no chance they are trully lethal.

    We have foxes in our garden, they are everwhere in london and dont have to hunt there is so much in the trash! I have seen them carrying shopping bags in their mouths happily trotting home...

  • KateWild
    Thanks fadetoblack for your little story. It's nice to see life goes on. Kate xx
  • FadeToBlack

    Thanks for all the interesting critter stories. Several people mentioned wild turkeys and it brought back fond memories of some places I have been at when I lived stateside.

    Here in Poland, an amazing time of the year is when the storks return in the spring from Africa. They come back to the same enormous nest, clean it up a bit, and produce the next generation (normally 2). One thing I found interesting about how they behave is that once the farmers start plowing the fields, you can always see the storks following behind the tractors, cleaning up on all the dug up unfortunate critters that got plowed up (one reason I am not a big fan of plowing with heavy equipment - but that is another story).

  • kaik

    I know only black adder is poisonous, but they are rare and and protected. I had seen them only twice in my life at the nature, first time with my dad who loved mountains, and second time at bible study mentioned early. I do not like spiders, I was bitten by one, which brought me into hospital. It was yellow sack spider, which is poisonous and its bites are extremely painful. In near Lower Austria, they have about 200 cases per year of this spider bite alone:

    The biggest spider we had outside my grandma house were lycosa. It is considered the largest spider in Europe, but is harmless. Last summer I was visited my sister summer house, which is in riparian forest and this spider is there as well. My nephew wanted it to trap it as a pet. It is a size of small mice:

    I can live without them. My brother-in-law was bitten by brown recluse spider and he was sick for long time as the wound got infected.

  • FadeToBlack

    Spiders are extremely fascinating. I love to watch them and observe the various types of nests they build. I am guessing that like most snake bites, it is just a case of wrong place at the wrong time. For example - you reach under the wood to get the ball for your dog and boom! Bit... Think twice, carry a stick or pole.

    Nice pics, btw kaik. Everyone else feel free to add pics to your experiences.

  • Sabin
    Fade to black, I'm not a lover of spiders, if I see them I the house then I kill it or suck it up with the hoover. You really have to have respect for the wildlife in Oz cause almost everything bites/poisons/stings/eats you. But it sure is beautiful.

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