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  • LisaRose
    We have wild turkeys here, I often see them on my morning walk. This time of year they are mating, the toms strut around with their feathers fanned out trying to impress the ladies, but they don't seem too impressed. Every so often there is a little kerfuffle, then everything calms down again. Next spring you will see the babies start to come out.
  • FadeToBlack
    Actually, my favorites are the wild boars. I know they can tear up a lot of ground, but the young ones are so damn cute with those spots. When I head off into the woods, I always let them know I am coming to avoid any suprises. Not a good idea to put momma boar in a protective mood.
  • possum
    We went camping and a wild pig gored our dog. Dog sustained deep wound but was ok. Very cautious re: tiapans & red belly black snakes have had to unwrap a few cats that have been all slimed up ready to be swallowed. Didn't hurt the pythons but because we didn't kill them ended up cats 0 snakes 1.
  • millie210

    Lovely use of the word kerfuffle Lisa Rose!

    You all are creating some beautiful images of the wildlife in your areas.

    Wild turkeys here for me.

  • LevelThePlayingField
    Thanks for sharing. I was waiting for the..."and the two JW's showed up" part, but there was none, and you know what, that was kinda nice. I pictured your scene, the two moose and all. Thanks man.
  • kaik
    I live in the city in heavily populated area, so I do not get many big animals around. However, last summer, I heard my cat going ballistic in his favorite room, like being scared of something. I get to the window to see what is outside, peak my head out and there was right under the window a huge male buck with antlers feeding on my plants. So, I am inside the house, with opened window and the buck lift his head and towers over me from outside. We both froze, but my neighbor so him and scares the animal away. I still do not know where it came from, but my kitty was so scared that he hid under the bed for several days.
  • FadeToBlack

    I am not a snake person. I always show then respect even though we only have one type of venemous (but non-lethal) snake here in Poland. My dogs however have a different opinion. I heard some commotion out in the yard one day and saw one dog flinging a snake into the air. It was about 2 meters long.

    To avoid a big fight among the dogs over who was going to have the snake, I went out and put them in a separate area. The snake was missing part of its tail, and had a puncture wound in its side. I took it down to another part of our yard outside the fenced area by my compost pile.

    A month later, I was making a deposit at the compost pile and as I approached, I saw a snake sunning itself nearby.

    It was the same snake. Puncture wound had healed, no tail, but, otherwise fine.

  • kaik
    FadeToBlack, was it black adder snake or how we called in Czech zmije? 20+ years ago, I used to conduct a study with this young family, and we became good friends. They invited me to their summer dacha outside Prague, where we talked about Bible and JW life, when this black adder decided to be a part of the study group and rolled out from the near by pile of the woods into the stone patio where we sit. The woman got so scared that she picked an axe and hacked the snake to pieces. I was kinda sad, because it was a beautiful animal. I am glad your snake is doing fine, at least you do not have a rat, mice, or rodent problem.
  • FadeToBlack

    @kaik: I don't know what kind of snake it was. It was not a 'czarna zmija' but there seem to be several different types of zmija here in Poland. We also have another black snake that is harmless, but I can recognize that because it has large yellow markings on the back of its head. In general, I treat snakes and spiders the same - with respect.

    If the spider is in my house and it is not too scary looking, I'll capture it and put it outside. If it falls into the scary category, I call my wife and she takes care of it.

    Our yard is actually getting fairly sterile at this point, but it is because of the dogs. I try to leave piles of branches and stuff around to give the lizards a chance. My smallest dog takes care of all the mice, moles, etc. If I happen to see something before they do, I'll put it outside the fence (with a kind warning not to come back) so it has some chance.

  • tiki
    We have had in our property which borders conservation land bobcats, Fisher cat, coyotes,foxes, deer...racoons, skunks, opossum, rabbits....some have seen bears in the neighborhood but I personally have not...and red tail hawks have an aerie up in high pines back there. The fledglings make a racket...they squawk all day...and lots of turkeys in these parts. I love the wild life.

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