Clearly, they're hunting down irregular publishers

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  • ILoveTTATT2

    Look at this graph:

    It has the % difference between the peak number of publishers and the average number of publishers for that year. This number can only be positive.

    What the graph tells us is that there is a clear trend towards hunting down inactive and/or irregular publishers. They want you reporting hours every month!

    Another thing it could tell us is that they've been using the average numbers to "fudge" the data, they´ve had quite the margin for many years to artificially inflate growth (since that number is based on average to average and not peak to peak). Now they are running out of room to fudge those numbers!

  • berrygerry

    I think that it is more a case of secretaries fudging the average numbers to not show irregular / inactive numbers.

    The Peak number is the nuttiest number-generator that could only be dreamed up by David Miscaviage.

    (There was a family of 12 that moved from one city to our congo in a different city. Those 12 publishers would be counted in each city in the Peak publishers for that year.)

  • ILoveTTATT2
    (There was a family of 12 that moved from one city to our congo in a different city. Those 12 publishers would be counted in each city in the Peak publishers for that year.)
    Really? Wow! I didn't know that they would do things like that! I agree that there must be a fudging of numbers somewhere!
  • berrygerry

    Aug 15, 2011 QFR -

    Peak publishers and average publishers. “Publishers” includes baptized Witnesses of Jehovah as well as unbaptized ones who qualify to be Kingdom preachers. “Peak publishers” is the highest number reporting for any one month of the service year and may include late reports that were not added to the preceding month’s report. In this way some publishers may be counted twice. However, the peak figure does not include the number of publishers who actually shared in the ministry but forgot to report. This emphasizes the importance of each publisher reporting promptly each month. “Average publishers” is the typical number of different ones reporting time in the ministry each month.
  • RubaDub

    There was a family of 12

    ILoveTTATT2 ...

    He had a very active "member"

    Rub a Dub

  • Steel

    I think it is silly how jws have reduced their religion to a fantasy football league. Pretty some they will issue governing body trading cards and provide over under on number of baptisms at each assembly.

    Screw it. The world us full of lonely and stupid people. Pay them no mind.

  • ab.ortega

    So then it happens a lot. When I did secretary work, sometimes ppl wouldn't turn in their report and I didn't feel like hunting them down so I thought, "forget it, I'll just get it from them later". It was really a hassle dealing with everyone who didn't turn in their time. A LOT of them made up their time and I could tell. There were always those who had a pattern like the same hours, publications and studies every month.

    Anyway on some months, the peak number of reports in a congregation of about 100 could go up to 150 or 160. So this must really fudge up the numbers if it happens in other congs.

    I'm just glad I'm not responsible for that crap anymore. Who cares how many "hours" you did any month. Most of that stuff is made up anyway. At least I did ;-) I always rounded up. 15 hours? Let's make it 20.

  • Finkelstein

    They want you reporting hours every month!

    Of course and that is the responsibility of the visiting CO to review the publishing reports and evaluate how strong the congregation is.

    The WTS has devised a marketing scheme to promote the proliferation of its published works.

    It appeases Jehovah that people are doing his will through his son Jesus Christ and will no doubt will save the lives of the people who do participate in this service..

  • OrphanCrow
    ILoveTTATT: What the graph tells us is that there is a clear trend towards hunting down inactive and/or irregular publishers.

    Keeping the faithful flock active and still part of the "official" count has always been an ongoing problem for the org. The push to keep people active has been documented in their yearbooks.

    For example, the 1967 yearbook (page 35) says this about inactive ones:

    It is evident from the year's report that a number
    of persons who used to be Jehovah's witnesses
    found reasons sufficient to convince themselves
    that they need no longer worship and serve Jehovah
    and attend meetings at the house of their
    God. Such ones drifted away. However, there
    is still an opportunity before one dies to ask for
    forgiveness and share in God's goodness by returning
    to the ministry.
    If all those who dedicated their lives to the
    Most High God Jehovah in former years had
    stayed in his organization right up to and during
    the year 1966, there would have been a greater
    increase in the number of regular publishers than
    we have had. While the final report shows there
    were 1,058,675 regular Kingdom publishers engaging
    in the field ministry each month of the past
    service year, still this is an increase of only 24,407
    over last year. But 58,904 were baptized. 'Where
    were the other 34,497 that cannot be accounted
    for? Allowing for one percent of the population
    dying in a year's time would mean a drop of
    about 10,000 persons. But where are the others?
    Has materialism attracted them? Has the loose
    living and immoral conduct of the world ensnared
    some of them? Where is that love for Jehovah's
    organization and his service that they once had?
    As we analyze the report for the world, as
    set forth in the chart on pages 36-43, you will
    see that some countries had no increase at all.
    Are we to believe that the harvest is over in such
    countries? No! Because there were some persons
    being baptized...

    The presentation and interpretation of the stats in that '67 yearbook are rather skewed, but, the intent remains - the JWs were experiencing a slow down at that time (according to the "official" count) and they were due for a dressing down for their negligence to the org.

    The slowing down of increase and/or registering a decrease has, in the past, been the force that determined doctrine. In 1967, the org was geared up for an Armageddon scare to get those inactive ones out in service. In later years, the hourly requirement and form of service has been adapted to make it easier to 'get counted' to keep those precious numbers up.

    I wonder what strategy the org will use this time to keep those numbers up. Good thing for internet witnessing or the publisher number would be even harder to keep on an even keel

  • pale.emperor

    Has it dawned on them yet that most of us just made up numbers so as not to get looked down upon?

    Yes, a blank report slip was my canvas. Only done an hour and no placements? Put down 6 hours, 14 mags and 3 books.

    My ex wife never filled her report slip, she jus keft it to me to make up something believable on Thursday.

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