Should it be considered sexual harassment?

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  • Addison0998

    On thing that really makes me angry and disgusted is when I think of the way in the past that the elders pressured me over and over again to have a meeting with them over a petty make out and petting incident. They asked such instrusive, personal questions like, “Did he touch your breast, for how long? Under or over your clothes?” I know that this happens to thousands of people, especially young women, and it’s just not right, it makes me so angry that I almost feel tempted to confront the elder who especially did this, when I see him at the convention in a few weeks and tell him what a sick person he is and how much trauma he caused me, manipulating me and pressuring me to answer such instrusive questions while he sat there and took notes!! (Do you guys think I should do this?) When I tried to be Vauge as I could, they would say, we really need more information. I feel like pressuring people to tell intimate details of their sex life should constitute as sexual harassment.

    I Just woke up a few months ago, and I think I’m going through the angry stage. It pisses me off so much how much power and influence they have over people, and what a traumatic experience judicial committees are. If there is a hell, I hope there’s a special spot for the GB and all the other pompous evil men who follow them!!

  • recluse

    i wouldn't consider it sexual harassment.

  • humbled

    Sexual harassment—yes.

    They say it is a “sin” not a “crime”—so how much info did this guy need?

    Omg! Sure wish l could remember book, chapter, verse where they gathered how much of sinfulness to charge you with:

    ”10 seconds through the shirt... let’s see- - with buttons or without. Were you buttoned at the time, sister?

    Yeyaaah. Okay . Was that an underwire bra? Demerits for you if it wasn’t padded.

    No, Brother Snigger, the elders manual says it definitely IS worse if she is unpadded. Definitely. Not only is padding allowed,it is encouraged — theocratic war fare you know. No loss of merit for that.

    But thin sheer honesty !! And in a brassiere! No, even when felt through a well-buttoned shirt.....tsk, tsk. I don’t care if she is only a 34B!

    Sister, that will cost you one shunning and 50 cents due immediately!”

  • Simon

    It is demeaning and intrusive and an abuse of power.

    Spend some time being angry and then move on. Don't keep the anger as it won't help you or hurt them but will hurt yourself.

    Treat it as a life-learning experience and be stronger because of it.

  • humbled

    P.s. Laugh. Laugh as soon as you possibly can, Addison.🌺🍻❤️

  • stuckinarut2

    I believe that it is indeed sexual harassment or inappropriateness!

    Would such questioning be appropriate in a corporate work place? NO! In a school? No!

    So why should it be OK for elders to ask such intrusive and specific points?

    If someone has "sinned" according to the groups standards - by all means offer counsel or assistance. BUT there is a limit as to how intrusive such points should be!

  • john.prestor

    Addison0998, if you think that confronting this man will help you heal, you should do it. I've confronted people who have hurt me in the past, and it's helped me heal. Think out what you're going to say ahead of time and keep the anger in check when you confront him: in a calm but firm voice tell him exactly how he made you feel, and that what he did was wrong (whether it qualifies legally as sexual harassment or not it's creepy and feels voyeuristic). He'll doubtlessly get defensive or angry, and at that point I'd encourage you to simply walk away after telling him something to the effect of, "I've said what I needed to say." And then you can let that anger go.

  • Simon

    Kick 'em in the nuts. Ask if it hurt over or under the clothing.

  • Addison0998

    Thank you guys, love you all!

  • atomant

    don't forget to tell the elder that questioned you that hes a sick unit.

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