Repeal of Internet Neutrality. How will it affect surfers?

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  • faithnomore


    I don't think I've mentioned Trump at all:) seems like you are a bit defensive over my opinion which really is like a**holes, we all have one:)

    Anyway I hope for the best for all of us!

    I really hope you are right and I am wrong, I'll gladly come back and say so in the months to come. I have ZERO problem admitting when I'm wrong:)

  • _Morpheus

    20 days with no net neutrality. Supplies are getting low. Internet has almost run out. Only a matter of time before complete anarchy ensues. My bunker is almost finished, i can only hope to finishing prepping before marshal law breaka down. This may be my last entry

  • ttdtt

    Having been in the industry for more than 20 years - Yes this is very bad for the average person and for small to midsized companies, and to any new innovation.

    Also if you think the effects happen overnight, you are not understanding the situation at all.

    And to be clear, the FCC didn't rule against it - the Trump Appointed FCC chair who was put in place to specifically do this pushed it over the falls.

  • _Morpheus

    Lol carefull, ttddtt... your bias is showing. I also work in the industry. I expect you mean that you work as a web designer or some other ancillary industry. I work under fcc rules everyday, in dc, as it happens, so yes i am all too familiar with the heavy hand of the FCC. Im licensed 3 different ways by them for my job. Thats why in saving my internet for when the rationing starts.

    sarcasm aside, your bias is indeed showing. You do know that three of the five commissioners of the fcc are political appointees... right? And do you know who appointed the villian of your story, Ajit Pai..? Nope. Not the donald. Guess again. Heres a hint: hes the only Kenyan born president... lol ok i tease, but Pai was indeed appointed by none other barack hussein obama. It was the donald who made him chairman, but he was already a commissioner

    also you misunderstand how the fcc works. Your villian, Ajit Pai, has only one vote, not some ultimate authority.

    Perhaps youd like to join me in my bunker? Theres still room but you have to bring your own internet. Im not sharing

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