Repeal of Internet Neutrality. How will it affect surfers?

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  • OneGenTwoGroups


    I'm AT&T, your site is getting popular. I'm going to throttle your site unless you pay me.

    You're the reason people pay to have the internet to begin with? And I'm already too powerful and rich? Who cares!?

  • _Morpheus

    Down vote! Down vote!

  • GLTirebiter

    I think existing laws re. monopolies, collusion, restraint of trade, etc. should be applied (and updated, if necessary) to deal with the issues net neutrality was supposed to address. It's really an anti-trust issue, not a telecommunications matter.

  • Simon

    Big companies like Google and Facebook want to profit from the web but have other companies pay for the infrastructure. They got what they wanted under the Obama admin (which loved adding legislation) but it only happened in 2015 - the internet and the world existed fine before that and will exist fine after it.

    But the left has lost it's collective mind over it and it's now the apocalypse and end of civilization as we know it. Also, the end of free speech, even though they mostly oppose that at ever opportunity when it actually matters.

  • hothabanero

    the guy who pushed through the anti net neutrality stuff is an Obama appointee.

    but watch the liberals run around screaming this is a Trump coup...even though he didn't do it..

  • vivalavida

    Even though I am not really directly affected by this, I found this article's point of view interesting and illuminating.

    "Good bye net neutrality, hello competition"


  • WTWizard

    Ultimately, it will make the Internet resemble a cable service where you pay extra for each web site you wish to visit. Anything that goes against the Establishment will be blocked so you won't get it at all. Small start-ups will have a miserable time competing against the giants for bandwidth, and so their sites will load slowly or time out. You want to watch YouTube videos? Prepare to pay a monthly subscription--whatever Spectrum or Comcast thinks they can get away with. You want even your basic news? Another subscription. How long it takes to get there, I do not know--perhaps once Saturn enters Capricorn, it will happen faster.

    If we lived in a time where it took five minutes for someone in a garage to start another ISP, this would be no big deal since everyone and their dog would abandon Comcast and Spectrum the instant they throttle new startups, charge 500 ounces of silver per month to just access their news (and another 500 for weather), or block content the Establishment finds offensive. But, instead we have a world where Comcast, AT&T, Spectrum, and Verizon make the rules and anyone that tries this will be squashed by those scumbags. Hence, they are now free to ruin the whole Internet.

    Which is good news for the jokehovian witless cult. As no one will be able to research, they will be lured right into the cancer. The jokehovians will simply impose monthly "donations" to pay for the printing presses to be fired up once again, and they will be expected to use their own gas to deliver the rags to doors.

  • _Morpheus

    Wow the forum is still here! I didnt have to pay to log in and the site is loading just fine. Plenty of wifi leaks, some people with jw problems of a personal nature and even some politics. Its almost like.... like.... nothing happend! The earth still spins and bits and bytes still flow. Carry on.

  • hothabanero

    "Net neutrality" is just like "racism"; it is a word liberals are sooo happy to redefine to mean something completely different thank you expect and then use it to hit people over their heads with a ton of stupid rules to ensure so-called "fairness". That google and facebook likes net neutrality tells me EVERYTHING I need to know & I am happy we finally got rid of it.

    tax neutrality... next month the Russia probe is probably done.

  • mikeflood

    It's gonna be slow at the beginning...Comcast said 'not making changes for the moment'. Of course the people that is going to pay (especially the +200 million of cellular phones) would expect paying $ 15 more a more $ 50 unlimited plans, sorry.

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