Saltbaehovah Be Like...

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  • Vidiot
    sparky1 - "Looks like Jehovah has been protecting pedophiles (if Lots daughters were underage) for a long time... all the way back to Lot."


    Goes a long way towards explaining why the Org seems to have so much trouble realizing what a big deal it is.

  • schnell

    God, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist...

  • schnell
    Was it incorrectly reported? was it a metaphor? don't know. Just mythoughts.

    I'm curious now about the originality of the story. Did it come from an older Sumerian/Assyrian/Ugaritic story?

    From getting kidnapped to thinking angels can be raped by men to impregnating his daughters while passed out drunk, Lot is pictured as a complete idiot.

  • steve2

    I became a JW with having a reverence for the Bible but not knowing much about it (my up bringing)

    Good point smiddy. One of the biggest protections against losing faith in the inerrancy of the Bible is ignorance or superficial knowledge of its contents. Those who study the Bible in its entirety, allowing it to speak, realize it is the product of the ages in which its multiple books were written )and copiously re-written.

    Some believers need a special kind of compartmentalized thinking to see it as the inerrant "Word of God", whilst many others are shielded from disbelief by their wilful ignorance of, if not apathy towards the moral and logical implications of its full contents.

  • Vidiot

    @ schnell...

    It was a cautionary tale...

    ...the Moabites were descended from the Hebrew patriarch's materialistic, alcoholic inbred relatives, so trust them at your own risk.


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