Wife is Awake

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  • joe134cd

    So how did events unfold.

  • 3rdgen

    Freemind, What wonderful news! Both you and Stuck are reaping the rewards of your patience. It is also a testament to your wives humility. Proud people seldom can admit they were fooled. Cheers!!!

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    A close friend of mine, who himself has been fading for sometime recently told me that his wife stumbled onto this forum on her own and that for the last six or more months has been frequenting this site on a daily basis. He says she is surprised to see how so many JWs share the same experiences and have the same negative feelings toward the WTBTS. I would say that there likely is a growing trend of JW couples waking up together. Now there's a true love story...a JW Mr. and Mrs. on the fade together! :) :)

  • freddo

    Congratulations! Please remind us of the points that mattered to her.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    More great news! Well done Freemindfade - you must be really proud of her.


    freemindfade - Lump in my throat !! Great news !!

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Excellent news

  • freemindfade
    Wonderful! What were the major influencing factors. Could be of help to others.
    • When I woke up we fought horribly, but once my family turned on me it started then. She say the "unchristian-like" actions
    • Just trying to be a loving husband and friend through it all, and still being supportive helped I think
    • I would not attack "The Truth", rather do exercises in critical thinking
    • I would watch things like "The Path", several cult documentaries on Netflix, often I think they would make her uncomfortable and she would seem uninterested, but actually was curious
    • Hearing a first-hand experience from a sister in the hall about the elders discouraging reporting to the police
    • Then she began to acknowledge the child abuse news stories
    • then Leah Remini's series really helped tremendously, then she gave herself full license to research critics of Watchtower including reading COC. I am sure there was other things, but these are highlights that come to mind.
    Did the stupidity of the loyalty assembly have anything to do with it

    We didn't go, but recently I showed her Lloyd's summary on YouTube

    Anyone can wake up and I think a lot of witnesses are secretly losing faith in the Watchtower, but the cult model is the glue that keeps it together. People need help in finding their humanity, seeing me, someone she views daily as a good person, being demonized in such a hateful way because of my personal belief was the beginning of the end. it still took some time, but like I tell others, there is nothing you can show someone about this organization that will wake them up, they first have to give themselves the permission to look at it like what if its not the one true religion, then everything will come together.

  • freemindfade

    One thing I forgot that was very important if the treatment by my family started it, this was what ended it.

    For my wife, seeing Geoffery Jackson get schooled on the bible by a "worldly lawyer" may have been the absolute last straw for her. She cried when she saw that.

  • Heartsafire
    Wow! So happy for you and your wife Freemind! Welcome, Mrs. Freemind, to Ttatt.

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